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Sleeping is a cure to forget about pain, problems, stress and everything for a while.

Public banking sector is crippling under frauds which might add to the existing economic woes and yet no serious action has been seen from the govt. The hard earned money of the people is under dire stress, but the govt couldn't care less about it.

Four main factors cause acne: Bacteria Excess oil production Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells Excess activity of a type of hormone (androgens) Factors that may worsen acne: Diet Stress Hormones Environment Certain medications Oil-Based Cosmetics

Submit your #ARM20  abstract early and remove one stress from the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season! 🎁🎉❄️ Submission Deadline: Jan. 9 at 5pm ET.

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I'm not trying to be fresh or anything like that I just thought if u weren't busy that you might want to catch the show tonight relax let go undress your stress put all your troubles behind you let ur feelings flow a little party ain't never hurt nobody you need to have some fun.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Back-From-Vacation Stress

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While the #holidays  are often associated with celebration, we often skip over the stress the season can bring. #MyHealtheVet  spotlights VA tools and tips for coping with #holidaystresstress  this season.

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Cities are under pressure. Our #digitalcities  expert @JanSchoenig  on how cities can leverage the benefits of #digitalization  to relieve stress on overstretched services and resources: #SCEWC19  #IoT 

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“It’s clear you are seeing more stress in the Asia dollar market,”

Stress eating? Opt for these healthy food options , via @Misskyra12 


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3 hour wait on an ambulance but A&E had to close its doors, full to capacity. Why be angry at the incredible folk working under unbelievable stress? I remain grateful, my bitterness belongs to @BorisJohnson  @Conservatives  at your neglect of our @NHSuk  & blatant drive to privatise

U dnt have to explain urself to everyone. Not everyone deserves your time. Not everyone will listen anyway. Dont stress. Keep moving.

I want the best for u less stress for u.

Don’t let anyone stress you this year just tellem SHUTDAFUKUP!!!!

Stress level: Drake and Josh at the sushi conveyer belt.

i see the TT, dont stressBrazil. the #BELIEVEtour  is gonna be worldwide! #swaggy 

"We failed and tried again, and failed and tried again." Not even #BTS  is immune to stress, fear and feeling overwhelmed. Here's what the boys had to say about support from their fans. #BTSARMYARMY  [Tap to expand]

too many blessings to allow the stress in. the press made things look nuts but really I have enjoyed London. The fans are incredible

Heard an air traffic controller on air crying about not being able to pay her bills. She has a highly stressful job, and many rely on her for their safety. Including AIr Force One passengers. Adding stress to her life creates risk for others. Thanks, .