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@Fusion 2 years
his car stalled his hands were up he was shot amp killed video shows police shooting of unarmed terencecrutche
His car stalled. His hands were up. He was shot & killed.

Video shows police shooting of unarmed #TerenceCrutcher:
Michael Skolnik
wallet skittles cell phone loud music cigarettes cigarillos toy gun failure to signal cd s stalled car reading
Cell phone.
Loud music.
Toy gun.
Failure to signal.
Stalled car.
Reading a book.
Sky Sports News
maurizio sarris move to juventus has stalled with chelsea demanding that the serie a champions pay the italian
Maurizio Sarri’s move to Juventus has stalled with Chelsea demanding that the Serie A champions pay the Italian’s £5.3m release clause, Sky in Italy understands.
Robert Reich
remember trump sent these gutter tweets to distract from 1 health care stalled 2 wsj story on flynn 3 his bogu
Remember, Trump sent these "gutter" tweets to distract from:

1) Health care stalled
2) WSJ story on Flynn
3) His bogus voter fraud panel
Elon Musk
grid fin hydraulic pump stalled so falcon landed just out to sea appears to be undamaged amp is transmitting d
Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled, so Falcon landed just out to sea. Appears to be undamaged & is transmitting data. Recovery ship dispatched.
Farhad Manjoo
california is the most poverty stricken state if you account for housing yet nimby dems again stalled zoning r
California is the most poverty-stricken state, if you account for housing.

Yet NIMBY dems again stalled zoning reforms to build more housing.

What the GOP does with walls and ICE, wealthy liberals are doing with zoning: excluding people

My column:

Rebecca Ballhaus
muellers house testimony has been stalled partly due to discussions on whether the white houses assertion of e
Mueller’s House testimony has been stalled partly due to discussions on whether the White House’s assertion of executive privilege would limit his testimony. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel is weighing the questions and is expected to provide guidance.
@ajplus 3 months
an 11 year old rape victim in argentina asked for an abortion authorities stalled until it was too late and sh
An 11-year-old rape victim in Argentina asked for an abortion. Authorities stalled until it was too late, and she had a C-section instead.

Her doctor spoke to AJ+ about the girl's ordeal.
INC India
nyay is 2 things it is helping poor people break the shackles of povertyit is about remonetising the indian ec
NYAY is 2 things. It is helping poor people break the shackles of is about remonetising the Indian economy, jump-starting the economic engine that has stalled because of demonetisation and a poorly executed GST: CP
@BJP4India 2 months
congress stalled the assam accord for three decades as per clause 6 of the assam accord six more communities w
Congress stalled the Assam Accord for three decades. As per Clause 6 of the Assam Accord, six more communities will be accorded tribal status. At the same time, the interests of the current tribes will also be protected: PM Modi #NaMoForNewIndia
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