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Italian gran, 104, who survived Spanish flu pandemic becomes world’s oldest person to overcome coronavirus

“You probably have not heard that newspapers played a major role in” the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, says a former Times managing editor. “And not in a good way.”

Spanish flu survivor, 104, becomes world’s oldest person to overcome coronavirus

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GOOD NEWS- A resilient 104-year-old man who lived through the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and World War II has now recovered from the coronavirus.

How Ontarians came together to fight the Spanish flu | TVO via @karen_l_black :

Spanish flu survivor, 104, becomes world’s oldest person to overcome coronavirus

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On the All Out Politics podcast: Historian@peterfrankopan , author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, examines what lessons we can learn from the 1918 Spanish flu. #COVID19  #coronavirusuk  🎧 Listen here:


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I don’t understand why China gets upset bc we refer to the virus that originated there the ”Chinese virus” Spain never got upset when we referred to the Spanish flu in 1918&1919

50 million people died worldwide from the Spanish flu in 1918. Listen to this survivor’s account of that time and its eerie parallels to today

This 104-year-old WWII veteran survived the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and World War II. Now, he's recovered from coronavirus – just in time to celebrate his birthday

Spanish Flu. West Nile Virus. Zika. Ebola. All named for places. Before the media’s fake outrage, even CNN called it “Chinese Coronavirus.” Those trying to divide us must stop rooting for America to fail and give Americans real info they need to get through the crisis.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live through the Great Depression and the Spanish Flu at the same time. With Andrew Johnson as president.

ITALY: 101-year old man who was born during the Spanish Flu pandemic has recovered from a coronavirus infection

A careful study of the Spanish flu reveals that “the earlier, more forcefully and longer cities responded, the better their economic recovery.” In English: Public health shutdowns helped rather than hurt the economy.

After Birx tries to compare the situation to 1918, President Trump comes in and says it's no comparison because the Spanish Flu had 50% mortality. In fact the Spanish Flu had roughly 2% mortality.

Seeing a lot of liberals & media getting very agitated by President Trump calling it the 'Chinese Virus'. Yet everyone calls the last similar global pandemic 'Spanish Flu.' What's the difference?

FYI: After WWI ended, 100 years ago today, a scattered epidemic of the Spanish Flu became a pandemic, as millions of soldiers shipped home, spreading the disease internationally, killing an additional 50-million people worldwide.