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Police violence against citizens in #Catalonia is shocking. The Spanish government must act to end it now.
Shocking drone footage shows the extent of the Rohingya exodus as thousands flee Myanmar
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WATCH: Shocking footage shows a Utah nurse being arrested for refusing to give a patient's blood to police
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Some are fun some are shocking some are just strange lol
I feel like every day is more shocking and sad...My heart is broken for all the victims of last night's shooting in Vegas, & their families
Shocking: Trump Bashing San Juan Mayor Was Big Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016
Brutal and shocking incidents reported in London. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Thank you to the emergency services.
I'm an Eagle Scout. Trump using the 30,000 BoyScouts as his props tonight was a scene out of Triumph of the Will. Shocking abuse of children
Day 29:
A shocking assessment from @Oxfam: "life in Puerto Rico is untenable."
Here's what everyday reality is like for people there:
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