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The President of the United States trusts the word of a former KGB agent over the consensus of the American intelligence community backed by a ton of facts. That is a shocking reality. Everyone who excuses Trump’s behavior must answer that now, and when history inevitably judges.
Just toured Port Isabel ICE Detention Center in TX. It was horrifying, shocking & very eye-opening. Thread to follow....
A week later, and Elizabeth Warren is still receiving significant backlash from her shocking comments calling our law enforcement system “racist” from “front to back” …
Police violence against citizens in #Catalonia is shocking. The Spanish government must act to end it now.
"My goal is at least 20 people with an AR-15"
Shocking video of Nikolas Cruz released.
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Some are fun some are shocking some are just strange lol
It's tragic and shocking to see innocent children caged like animals at US migrant camps and to hear their cries of anguish after being forcibly separated from their parents.

It's immoral and goes against fundamental human rights we must always respect, no matter the situation.
It’s baffling that the president of the United States would tweet Marine Core instead of Marine Corps but that’s like the 20th most shocking thing that’s happened today.
Shocking video shows a shark biting the finger of a woman that attempted to feed it in Western Australia, dragging her into the water. She escaped with a fracture and a torn ligament.
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Kellyanne Conway: Why is everybody so obsessed with Trump? "It's kind of weird"

@jaketapper: Why is everybody obsessed with the President of the United States? Maybe because he keeps making comments and taking actions that are shocking and unprecedented?
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