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For non-Brazilians: this is Bolsonaro's Minister of Education. In a press conference he really put on the Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro "Thug Life" glasses then dropped the mic and tweeted this absolute nonsense in a desperate attempt to associate himself with anglophone (right-wing) meme culture

I have said this many many times before but Brazil 2019 is living through the first experiment in government by Shapiro Youtube'>Ben Shapiro Youtube channel

With the help of Goldman Sachs, Illy wants to be top coffee choice in U.S.: Andrea Illy, Chairman of Illycaffe, talks to Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman, Shapiro'>Adam Shapiro, Dan Howley and Bryn Mawr Trust's Jeff Mills about how his family's…

Jill Stein demanding a debate with Hillary is almost as humiliating as Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro demanding a debate with AOC

Canadian mens soccer coach @coachherdman  joins us on #WritersBloc  along with @KimFCoates  @bnicholsonsmith  @ArdenZwelling  on their exclusive one-hour sit-down with Shapiro'>Mark Shapiro and @reporterchris  #thebloc 

Ideological Pandemonium Breaks Out as Ben ‘Nazi’ Shapiro Prepares to Speak at Stanford, and I Have Questions


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“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro

Women, if you're being sexually assaulted make sure you take close notice of your attacker's dick because Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro wants to know exactly what it looks like

These media attacks on Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro are sickening. I hope the day is soon when Buzzfeed goes out of business. It’s not a news operation. Time - again it shows itself as a sleazy smear operation.

Ibn Rushd Ibn Sina Ibn Al Haytham Ibn Hayyan Al Battani Al Farabi Al Razi Al Kindi Al Khwarizmi Surprise! Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro is utterly ignorant about the history of science, but is so bent on boosting the ‘Judeo-Christian’ West, and white people, that he makes a fool of himself:

A few quotes to remember: Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro: "above 800 million Muslims are radicalized...that's a majority" Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "every devout Muslim...must have at least approved of [9/11]" Brigitte Gabriel: "A practicing Muslim...cannot be a loyal citizen to the US" #Christchurch 

This week, gloriously, Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro & Meghan McCain both had embarrassing meltdowns in televised interviews that went viral & exposed them as dissembling bigots. Neither interview was conducted by a Sunday-morning TV interviewer or US cable news host. #justsayin 

Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro storms out of BBC interview, snapping, "I'm popular and no one's ever heard of you"

Why does Shapiro'>Ben Shapiro want to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? He’s not running for office. He should debate me. I’m also a short clown no one takes seriously. #fun