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“It was a very malicious deal.” 74 cars stolen from @SanLeandroCDJR  Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership on Marina Blvd. on night of looting. Scofflaws broke into showroom, got lockbox open & activated fobs to see which keys went w/which car. 15 recovered. @SanLeandroPD  on the case

@sbalatan  Yes. That means the people who are more likely to be out just working -- and therefore who are more vulnerable to being confused for scofflaws breaking the curfew -- are essential workers, probably paid less and without a remote work option.

LAST CALL: Looters ransack @neimanmarcus  at @ShopGreatMall  but flee when @MilpitasPD  arrives. Officers find vehicle with stolen property inside. No arrests & no signs the scofflaws are linked to any protests, cops say

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Mask-wearing has become routine, save a few scofflaws

Mask-wearing has become routine, save a few scofflaws

Nashua, NH will require residents wear face masks when visiting stores & restaurants, scofflaws could face $1k fines -

Never capitulate to scofflaws. That’s maybe my motto for the week. Helpful in Hollywood.

A Tale of Two Brothers UK court orders Anil Ambani, once the world's sixth-richest man on paper, to pay $717m to Chinese banks India usually chases its billionaires-turned-scofflaws in 3rd countries. What will it do to one of its own? @FinancialTimes 

Town leader pulls proposal to humor coronavirus scofflaws

Many police departments are passing on fines for mask scofflaws amid coronavirus


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New: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott forbids putting hair salon operators, other coronavirus scofflaws in jail

Tracking coronavirus patients and their contacts using cellphone data. Drones monitoring public spaces for quarantine scofflaws. Virtual fences around isolation zones. How much public-health surveillance is too much?

Stay home or pay up. Scofflaws who ignore the Ontario government’s order to stay out of recreational facilities, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and dog parks, risk fines of up to $100,000 and one year in jail.

Scofflaws who ignore the Ontario’s order to stay out of recreational facilities, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and dog parks, risk fines ranging from $750 up to $100,000 and one year in jail, by @robertbenzie  via @TorontoStar  #COVID19 

So far, the threats of stiff fines or criminal charges for COVID-19 scofflaws appear to be mostly tough talk, as authorities opt for persuasion over punishment.

NEW: Premier Doug Ford is retreating from fining gas stations up to $10K a day for not posting "the federal carbon tax will cost you" stickers, the @TorontoStar  has learned. Scofflaws to get warnings instead of cash penalties. TSSA to enforce. #onpoli 

Robert Morgenthau, influential NYC district attorney and the bane of rogue banks and scofflaws, dies at 99

So this happened... “Penguins ignore police, return to sushi shop” #urwelcome  #Penguins  #waddling  #scofflaws 

Marshall: "Immigration does not drive up crime rates at all. If crime is our guide, we should bring in more undocumented immigrants and boot some native scofflaws. The entire premise of Trump’s immigration arguments is based on a demonstrable lie"

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Colorado’s rain barrel scofflaws can now catch rainwater legally:

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