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This incident is a Rorschach test for racism. A white referee who once called a colleague “nigger” told a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks off or be forced to forfeit. A white journalist called the young man a “team player.” I saw a kid being violated.
It feels like we are living in the inkblot that is a Rorschach test for American democracy.
Without Steve Ditko there would have been no Spider-Man, no Doctor Strange, no Creeper, no Hawk and Dove, none of the black and white reprint comics I read in seaside resorts as a boy. No The Question (which means no Rorschach). No Mister A. No mystery.
I think last night might have been the biggest Rorschach test ever
Sandmann doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for. Fine. I understand why. But until folks like him bother-for even just a minute-to see how their own actions are perceived, these racial Rorschach tests will keep happening. More smirks, more division
This is a Rorschach Test for what type of mettle we should require of those who would serve as our president.
New column: The Covington Rorschach test.
What you see says everything about your intellectual honesty & emotional stability==>
I wrote about how Tyrod Taylor is a Rorschach Test for how we think and talk about quarterbacks in 2017:
Ludlam: How @WikiLeaks became a political Rorschach test
"The story is a Rorschach test—tell me how you first reacted, and I can probably tell where you live, who you voted for in 2016, and your general take on a list of other issues."
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