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What the hell happened last night ! Aaaaggghhh ! Absolutely incredible ! Can't believe we played with ronnie wood
All the best tonight Ronnie remember Moscow #riskeverything
If this gets 20k RT's I will 100% get Ronnie diamond tattood on me lmao #TINHouse
If you want to see Lisa G make out with Ronnie RETWEET this now! #LisaKissRonnie
Ronnie & Will graduated college, moved to North Carolina, opened a sea turtle sanctuary & enjoy vegan dinners at sunset. Ronnie still plays piano to their 6 children & Will continues making stained glass windows for Churches around the globe. They celebrated 10 years in Australia
@jaibrooks1 calling ronnie's phone again now... i love u come home
1994 Jets Training Camp had some new faces including Art Monk, Ronnie Lott...and LaVar Ball.
I thought I was putting the pounds on until I saw my old mate Ronnie!
I met Ronnie wood and I almost screamed......
Nice meeting you Ronnie!!! 🤗👋🏻 #TeamPenshoppe
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