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The president's mental health is a national crisis and it is time people started treating it as one. No American president has ever been as unfit for office and I include drunk Richard Nixon and Wilson, Reagan and others who were to varying degrees impaired.

“The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day that he was subject to impeachment” —Senator Graham back in 1999 Why is President@realDonaldTrump  subject to different rules, Senator Graham?

"Mr. President. Even Richard Nixon released HIS tax returns. Either release YOUR tax returns, or SHUT UP!" ~Joe Biden, 10/16/2019

"Mr. President, release your tax returns or shut up," @Joe  Biden says. "Even Richard Nixon released his tax returns"

@neal_katyal  on President Turmp's plan to stonewall impeachment: "There's one president who tried that before. His name was Richard Nixon and he went down in flames. I suspect the same thing will happen here."

One important difference between Watergate and today is that Richard Nixon was actually a master statesman who sought refuge in international diplomacy, while Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

The poll found the level of support for Trump being impeached and removed is well above where it was for Bill Clinton, and higher than it was for Richard Nixon in all but the final poll before he resigned

"Mr. President, even Richard Nixon released his tax returns," Joe Biden said, referring to the 37th president, who resigned from office to avoid being impeached and removed. "Release your tax returns or shut up."

Despite being made in 1999 and set in the year 3000, Futurama’s election episode—starring the head of Richard Nixon—still resonates today.

"Mr. President even Richard Nixon released his tax return,” Biden continues. "Mr. President. Release your tax returns or shut up."


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Lindsey Graham in 1998 during Clinton’s impeachment saying, “The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day he was subject to impeachment.”

If Richard Nixon had accused LBJ of the Kennedy assassination - that would have been the biggest story on earth That Trump could accuse Clinton of murder to shrugs ... reveals how even Trump's own party does not think of Trump as the real president

An appalling Republican ad during the Democratic debate attacked @Ocasio2018  for the genocide in Cambodia a decade before her birth, but it was a Republican president, Richard Nixon, whose secret bombing created the conditions for the Khmer Rouge to seize power

45 years ago today--President Richard Nixon was secretly named an unindicted co-conspirator by same federal grand jury that indicted 7 of his aides for Watergate conspiracy:

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Richard Nixon went to Mar-a-Lago a month before he resigned the Presidency, July 1974:

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America has had its share of crooks (Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon), bigots (Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan), and incompetents (Andrew Johnson, George W. Bush). But never before Donald Trump have we had a president who combined all these nefarious qualities.

America has suffered through failed and corrupt presidencies (Richard Nixon, Warren G. Harding) but not until now have we had a seriously dangerous presidency. For the good of all, our New Year's resolution must be to remove him from office in 2019.

44 years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned because he was about to get caught. Anyone, anyone, anyone else?

“Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.” —Richard Nixon to David Frost, 1977

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The last presidential campaign known to pay off people in possession of damaging information about the candidate was Richard Nixon's in 1972.