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Today, with a wide range of feelings, I'm announcing my retirement from basketball. IMMENSE GRATITUDE to everyone (family, friends, teammates, coaches, staff, fans) involved in my life in the last 23 years. It's been a fabulous journey. Way beyond my wildest dreams.
I wish Nicolas Maduro and his top advisors a long, quiet retirement, living on a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela. They should take advantage of President Guaido’s amnesty and move on. The sooner the better.
Startling new numbers from the shutdown:
- 62% of federal workers depleted all or most of their savings
- 42% took on debt
- 25% tapped their retirement accounts
- 25% visited a food bank
There's no crisis at the border. President Trump, you want to talk about crises?

-30 million Americans have no health insurance
-Climate change threatens our planet
-Half of older Americans have no retirement savings
-40 million are dealing with outrageous student debt
We have got to think big, not small. Canada guarantees free health care for all, Finland provides free tuition at public colleges, France provides generous retirement benefits. We are the wealthiest country on Earth. Why can't we do the same?
Julius Peppers has announced his retirement from the NFL after 17 years in the league. Incredible career for the Panthers DE 🏆

* No. 2 Draft Pick in 2002
* 9x Pro Bowl
* 3x First Team All-Pro
* 2000s All-Decade team
* No. 4 in NFL Career Sacks (159.5)
Twenty-two years as a Blue. Fifteen major trophies. One of the finest careers of any Englishman in the history of the game.

Enjoy your retirement, JT. 💙

researching the lowest rated retirement homes in the country as ammunition for the next time my mum tries to call me at 6am
Unbelievable retirement gift from my man Snoop today #KB20
Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I'll have a chance to elaborate. #gratitude
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