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🚨 DAMIAN LILLARD STEPS BACK AND FIRES FROM DISTANCE TO TIE THE GAME! 🚨 He has 54 PTS, a new #MLKDay  single-game record! @warriors  113 @trailblazers  113 14.9 left on @NBAonTNT 

Dame attacks, plus the foul for 51 PTS! 51.0 to play on @NBAonTNT 

@NBAonTNT  @warriors 🚨 @trailblazers  Lillard drives for the 3-point play and is up to 51 PTS! 🚨 1 @warriors09  1 @trailblazers10  2 mins left on @NBAonTNT 

🚨 Two more triples gives Dame 48 PTS and Portland the lead! 🚨 @warriors  102 @trailblazers  103 📺: @NBAonTNT 

🚨 42 PTS, 7 3PM for Damian Lillard at the end of the 3rd quarter! 🚨 📺: @NBAonTNT 

@WashWizards  @RaptorsB  @sixersr  @OrlandoMagicy  @nyknicksn  @Bucks  @okcthunderF  @PelicansNBAo  @MiamiHEATr  @celticsb  @nuggetse  @utahjazzs  (24 PTS, career-high 8 3PM) and Derrick White (25 PTS, 7 AST) power the narrow win @spurs  in Phoenix. LaMarcus#GoSpursGo  Aldridge: 19 PTS, 3 BLK DeMar DeRozan: 18 PTS, 9 REB, 8 AST

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You know what time it is ⌚️ Dame is up to 48 PTS in the 4th QTR!

Cuz I'm kinda bashful, would somebody else ask Nuggets coach Michael Malone if it's OK to ask a question about Michael Porter Jr. after his 20 pts/14 rebs in W vs T-Wolves?

Final: Spurs get past the Suns for the win! Record: 19-23, 2 game win streak SA: White 25 pts, Forbes 24 pts (8/11 from 3 line) SA: 49% FG, 54% 3FG SA: Spurs bench outscored PHX bench 47-14 SA: 38% FG in 4th Next: Pelicans (Zion debut) 1/22 #gospursgo 


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7-straight 20+ point games for D-Rose 🌹🔥 22 PTS & 6 AST 23 PTS & 8 AST 20 PTS & 7 AST 27 PTS & 5 AST 24 PTS & 7 AST 28 PTS & 5 AST 22 PTS & 2 AST

PTs: Tell Jinnah wali Azadi morons that the only child of Jinnah, his daughter, rejected Pakistan and chose India and settled down in Mumbai & married a Parsi. Her son and grand sons also live in Mumbai as industrialists.

BRANDON. INGRAM. CLUTCH. Career-high 44 PTS and the game-winner. Wow.

There is an international movement to discredit Namo as a dictator and BJP as fascists. PTs: Beware of that. We may dissatisfied but we need BJP rule for another 10 years to reverse the Nehruvian brainwashing. We can criticise party eco policy but UPA perfidy must be exposed.

Kevin Durant’s 38 pts in the half of a playoff game are 3 more than steve nash’s 35 in 2005 vs Dallas. It’s not nearly as impressive though because there are more possessions in today’s game. And because Kevin Durant is taller and better at basketball.

Anthony Davis through three quarters: 40 PTS 20 REB 26-27 FT 2 BLK Deserved this standing ovation 🗣

Bron was on a tear during the Lakers' road trip 👑 At Mavs: 39 PTS | 16 AST | 12 REB At Spurs: 21 PTS | 13 AST | 11 REB At Bulls: 30 PTS | 11 AST | 10 REB All wins. Year 17.

Career-high 50 PTS | Game-winning block An emotional Derrick Rose talks over his memorable night for the ! #AllEyesNorth  #ThisIsWhyWePlay 

WHAT. A. FINISH! Kobe scores 60 Pts in his final NBA game.

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BREAKING: Klay Thompson sets NBA record for points in a quarter: - 37 Pts - 13-13 FG - 9-9 3-pt FG

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