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Russias are agitated by prices, pensions, social security and environmental protection, all issues that the current protests have not addressed, a political analyst noted

Three stocks to buy in anticipation of a rally in copper prices

There are recessions happening all around you. Retailers ex-Walmart, Amazon, Target are dissolving in a vat of acid, natural gas prices are down 25% *this year*, there are 3 news organizations that can get people to pay a subscription, the rest are doing pizza reviews.

Trying to buy something online from an Italian brand that puts *huge* effort into the experience in its physical stores. The shopping cart crashes if you add two of the same item, and resets to the Italian site... where the prices are half the US price.

U.S. #export  prices rose 0.2% in July, the first increase in three months, as prices for both agricultural and nonagricultural products advanced. From a year earlier, export prices fell 0.9%

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Need to brush up on health policy issues for #election2020 ? @KaiserFamFound  has you covered. Explore our collection of independent, nonpartisan resources on hot topics like Medicare-for-all and prescription drug prices.

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Another example: The Dow Jones Asset Management Index ($DJUSAG) - with stocks and bonds at record high prices, it’s down 18% year to date. And if BlackRock weren’t in this index it would be headed toward zero. This industry is in recession, firing people every week.

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With prices from $1 to $2,000, this LA bookstore has it all

U.S. #import  prices rose 0.2% in July, buoyed by a 1.9% rebound in petroleum prices. From a year earlier, import prices declined 1.8%

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Now this has me wondering if fast food franchises launching upscale products is a late cycle phenomenon — costs are going up and it’s easier to introduce a new high priced product than just raising prices on existing ones:

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We are winning, big time, against China. Companies & jobs are fleeing. Prices to us have not gone up, and in some cases, have come down. China is not our problem, though Hong Kong is not helping. Our problem is with the Fed. Raised too much & too fast. Now too slow to cut....

Through massive devaluation of their currency and pumping vast sums of money into their system, the tens of billions of dollars that the U.S. is receiving is a gift from China. Prices not up, no inflation. Farmers getting more than China would be spending. Fake News won’t report!

Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. If Dems would work with us in a bipartisan fashion, we would get big results very fast!

Democrats can’t impeach a Republican President for crimes committed by Democrats. The facts are “pouring” in. The Greatest Witch Hunt in American History! Congress, go back to work and help us at the Border, with Drug Prices and on Infrastructure. every turn in attempts to gain access. But now Republicans and Democrats must come together for the good of the American people. No more costly & time consuming investigations. Lets do Immigration (Border), Infrastructure, much lower drug prices & much more - and do it now!

Big announcement today: Drug companies have to come clean about their prices in TV ads. Historic transparency for American patients is here. If drug companies are ashamed of those prices—lower them!

You just can’t win with the Fake News Media. A big story today is that because I have pushed so hard and gotten Prices'>Gasoline Prices so low, more people are driving and I have caused traffic jams throughout our Great Nation. Sorry everyone!

Really upsetting to see that some of our tickets are going for crazy prices as people try to cash in on our fans We think this is unfair.

So We are working with an app called @Twickets  where we've held back some good seats for our tour at face value prices. Pls check it out.

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