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... an, in my weekly conversation with @frankmottek  on @KNX1070 , my take on an interesting week in #markets , the #economy  and geo-politics.

How will the spread of covid-19 affect the 2020 elections? Sign up for Checks and Balance, our weekly US politics newsletter, for the latest on America's response to the coronavirus—and the ways it will change the campaign

The coronavirus outbreak will be sure to shape Election 2020. Stay up-to-date on the presidential race and what it means for Mass in our weekly politics newsletter. Sign up:

Latest Politics Weekly podcast is up. We talk Cummings and...Brexit. Features @rowenamason  @jillongovt  and @rcolvile . If you're taking a 60-mile drive, this may pass the time

Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat.

Another of my weekly, free, non-sports columns that cover coronavirus, the stupidity of prioritizing politics in this context, plus other stuff that'll displease pretty much everyone:


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I’m excited to announce that I’m hosting a new ⁦podcast for @NBCNews ⁩ & @MSNBC ⁩ called Into America, a weekly podcast about politics, about policy, and the power both have over the lives of the American people. We launch 2/27. Subscribe now!

We're pleased to announce the launch this week of 'Useful Idiots,' Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper’s new weekly podcast about campaign politics, culture and the news media. Subscribe here:

For 7 months straight, Democrats have put politics over people and their rage over results. They are out of step and are jeopardizing the future of our nation. Let's talk issues at my weekly press Q&A, starting in 20 minutes:

Nancy Pelosi had smoke for Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and Ilhan Omar. Now Dolt 45 got smoke for them as well. Politics are like the NBA at this point I don't know who's playing for who and it seems like players are switching teams weekly.

The House of Reps is on the verge of breaking a record—not one to be proud of. For six decades, Repubs & Dems have put politics aside to fund our troops. But Socialist-Democrats just changed all that. Learn more at my weekly Q&A, starting at 11:30am ET:

What’s happening at our Southern border isn’t just an immigration crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis. Let's put politics aside and SOLVE this problem. @HouseGOP ’s weekly Q&A with @SteveScalise , @Rep_LizCheney , an @RepKayGranger  starts at 10am ET.

If you agree that the impact of the fox news alternate universe on American politics is disastrous, the closing of the Trump-era weekly standard, which consciously rejected that alternate universe, is bad. You don't have to share their politics to see that.

The fall of the Weekly Standard is also about the marginalization of thoughtful conservative opinion in the era. Whatever your politics, no one wins from this loss.

It's finally here..! launches its brand new Brexit Republic podcast, a weekly look at the unfolding negotiations, the poltics in London, the politics in Ireland, and where Brexit is already hitting home. Join me and each week.