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Look what a pathological liar @JoeNBC  is. Today he said about the coronavirus pandemic in the US: "Everybody saw this coming in early January." Number of @JoeNBC  tweets in January by topic: Impeachment - 29 Election - 11 Sports - 7 Coronavirus - 0

Yale psychiatrist explains why Trump’s pathological ability to harness fury will imperil his followers as they ‘bear the biggest brunt’ of coronavirus

@marcorubio  Instead of going after the real problem--the pathological pox posing as @POTUS  and its incompetent putz son in law--you do this. Marco, you are an embarrassment to yourself and to Florida. Resign. #TrumpPlague  #TrumpGenocide  #JaredKushnerForPrison  #JaredKushnerIsanIdiot 

Social distancing and confinement to fight #COVID19  risk causing a pathological form of boredom previously unseen on a mass scale. It could lead to heightened risk-taking and political extremism, says @persaud_raj .

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2/3. There were no extra TSA workers, screeners, CDC inspectors. Under Trump and all Republicans, America is a failed-state with a pathological liar at its head.

"Our clinical and pathological findings in this severe case of COVID-19 can not only help to identify a cause of death, but also provide new insights into the pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2-related pneumonia"

The day after Trump was declared “sober” in his “tone” and “the gravity of 100,000-200,000 American dead struck him”, he stood at an official briefing telling us he was “number one on Facebook.” He is a sociopath, malignant narcissistic pathological liar.

Donald Trump used a Rose Garden presser to reinforce the notion he will never take responsibility for anything, and that his pathological thirst for praise and admiration makes him incapable of strategic thought.

Just switched from pathological propagandist briefing on @MSNBC  to @CNN , which is instead airing @drsanjaygupta . Much better. Aaah. #BoycottTrumpBriefings 


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What kind of pathological liar lies about his lies to people who have video recordings of the lies he’s lying about and who actually read his previous lies to him word for word as he tries to lie about those lies?

Where’s the polling on how many want Pelosi removed as speaker?  Or how many believe Schiff is a pathological liar?  Or how many think Biden is mentally unfit to be president?  Or how many consider Warren a phony opportunist? ...

The Washington Post calls out #CrookedHillary  for what she REALLY is. A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Watch that nose grow!

Elizabeth Warren is a hate-peddling pathological liar who shouldn’t be within 10 miles of the Oval Office

I disagreed with President Bush all the time. I never called him a pathological liar. He was just conservative. But Trump lies all the time.

To every news anchor and commentator who discovered yesterday that Trump is a racist, please explain why you didn’t say that 6 years ago when he was lying about the Obama birth certificate. I called him a racist pathological liar then. You kept booking him for more interviews.

The pathological liar at the White House podium just said Trump was elected by “an overwhelming majority of voters.” The foundational lie of the Trump presidency.

We are in a pivotal moment in American history. We have a president who is delusional. He is a pathological liar.