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Vince Fumo’s old district is the scene of the latest battle between old and new Philly politics & on the primary @ByChrisBrennanbetween @SeanCWalsh Larry Farnese and Nikil Saval

"Design may have reached the pinnacle of its influence and achievement as an arm of the government — impossible to imagine today, when federal subsidies for the arts, of any kind, are parsimonious," writes Nikil Saval for @tmagazine 

Nikil Saval Is the Most Interesting Politician in America

The OSS was the precursor to the CIA. Was it also a crucial birthplace of contemporary design? Nikil Saval makes the case: "It was the Bauhaus, but for war"

Books by Megan Stack, Daniel Markovits, Nikil Saval, and more explore the problems and power dynamics of work, in #TheAtlanticBooksBriefing  for Labor Day weekend:

Nikil Saval: “Pei’s formal gestures to the past mask the fact that he helped engineer a violent break with it.”

“For Erlanger & Ortega Govela, [Frank Lloyd] Wright’s garage was ahead of its time, an autonomous object, freighted with ideological momentum, that paved the way for the reshaping of cities around cars and the expansion of the suburbs,” wrote Nikil Saval

How the Garage Became America’s Favorite Room Nikil Saval writes on the rise of the garage in American culture, as described in “Garage,” a new book by the artist Olivia Erlanger and the architect Luis Ortega Govela.

Today's smaller newsrooms are not only the result of the internet; newspapers have faced corporate pressure for profits and worker productivity for decades (Nikil Saval / Columbia Journalism Review)