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Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million

Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million
Not shocking news, but a bit of color: GOP source tells me Trump is furious about the shutdown, which is messing up his anniversary and keeping him from going to Mar-a-Lago for his party.
You can’t make this stuff up: Trump held Hanukkah celebration tonight, five days early, ahead of his Mar-a-Lago getaway. 👇
President Trump kicked off his holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago Friday night at a dinner where he told friends, "You all just got a lot richer," referencing the sweeping tax overhaul he signed into law hours earlier.
Will be having meetings and working the phones from the Winter White House in Florida (Mar-a-Lago). Stock Market hit new Record High yesterday - $5.5 trillion gain since E. Many companies coming back to the U.S. Military building up and getting very strong.
After Turkey call I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the USA!
CNN: Today marks Trump's 108th day at one of his properties as president. 85th day at one of his golf courses. 37th day at Mar-A-Lago during his first term.
Trump has done everything possible to repeal Obamacare including 5 visits to Mar-a-lago, 9 trips to the golf course & sitting in a big truck
TRUMP does NOT want a shut down.He wants a high-drama, grand finale,reality tv cliff hanger & just as that markets start to drop w/fears, he will swoop in, make it happen & recieve scores of Mar-a-lago cheers, a market rally &close the yr fulfilling his “I -I ALONE” promise
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