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Pennywise lures California officers in funny viral photo
2011: Texas A&M joins SEC
2012: Texas A&M QB wins Heisman
2015: Texas A&M finishes $450 million stadium
2016: Texas A&M lures Scott Woodward from Washington
2017: Texas A&M pulls biggest coaching coup in 40 years

Anyone on planet earth still think joining the SEC was a mistake?
Promising to "Make Our Planet Great Again," Macron lures 13 U.S. climate scientists to France
Ken Scott’s ‘The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir’ Lures Flurry of Buyers (EXCLUSIVE)
Zico lures you into 'Bermuda Triangle' feat. Crush and DEAN MV teaser!
Netflix Lures Shonda Rhimes Away From ABC Studios (Report)
Tiffany lures with an irresistibly intense gaze in 'MAPS' pictorial
Horrifying moment 'man disguised in a burka lures schoolboy away to rape and murder him'
I bet Satan lures people from Christian Mingle over to Tinder.
Minhyun lures you in with his sexy eyes in individual teaser image for NU'EST's 'Re:BIRTH'
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