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62% of Brits say that Britain should continue to have a monarchy, following Lisa Nandy saying she would vote to abolish the monarchy if there was a referendum in the future

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After Lisa Nandy says she’d abolish the monarchy if she came to power, Buckingham Palace confirms the Queen has packed her bags for when that inevitably happens.

Labour’s Lisa Nandy: I’d vote to scrap the monarchy in a referendum

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy says she would vote to scrap the monarchy in referendum on Royal Family

Lisa Nandy would vote to scrap the Monarchy breaking ranks with leadership rivals

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NEW: Momentum founder Jon Lansman urged to retract 'misleading' claims about Lisa Nandy's voting record

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy could be inclined to make an abolition exception for ‘Queen Meghan’

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Labour hopeful Lisa Nandy would like to see Meghan Markle as QUEEN but wants to scrap monarchy


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Lisa Nandy has said she would vote to abolish the monarchy in any future referendum on the Royal Family

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy claimed £4k for 1st class train travel

Nick Robinson: “Who is your favourite Labour leader?” Lisa Nandy: “I think there are different leaders who’ve done different things at different times...” Robinson: “Carefully avoided” Nandy: “Well it’s a daft question”

Lisa Nandy MP says Labour cannot give this #Brexit  message to Leave-voting towns like hers: “We are now going to give you a second go at this, that you did not ask for and you did not want” as it is “breaking our democracy” #politicslive 

An interview with candidate for Labour leadership Lisa Nandy will take up most of this week's Andrew Neil Show, this Wednesday 7pm BBC2. We hope to interview the other four Labour hopefuls in the weeks ahead. Last week we did Clive Lewis but he's pulled out.

Labour MPs backing Brexit bill: Kevin Barron Sarah Champion Rosie Cooper Jon Cruddas Gloria de Piero Jim Fitzpatrick Caroline Flint Mike Hill Dan Jarvis Emma Lewell-Buck John Mann Grahame Morris Lisa Nandy Mel Onn Stephanie Peacock Jo Platt Ruth Smeeth Laura Smith Gareth Snell

Lisa Nandy played a key role in the Coup against #Corbyn  She and her co-conspirators tried “to break him, as a man”. Today she cried, for #AmberRudd  describing what had happened to the Tory liar as “inhumane”.

"This could be the final breach of trust with voters who have been moving away from the Labour party for some time." Labour MP Lisa Nandy says Leave voters will be "very, very angry" if the party backs a second EU referendum "with really only Remain on the ballot".

Labour MP Lisa Nandy says Theresa May failed to address her concerns over sexual abuse when she was Home Secretary.