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@BernieSanders  “It’s racist in disproportionately affecting the African American and Latino communities, and it’s a system that needs fundamental change.” My full story on @BernieSanders ' plan to overhaul the criminal justice system & cut the prison population in half.

He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and led the college with the highest Latino enrollment. He also put Miami on the map- here’s how. By @luisitalt ⁩

Earlier this week, the Latino Liaison Unit gave away 100 book bags filled with school supplies to neighborhood children. Special thanks to Jacqueline Guerrero and @Amerigroup  for their generous donation and participation in this year’s event. 📚✏️📎💙

The festival, which draws up to 2,000 people annually, exhibits the cultural richness of the Latino community, including its shared African lineage.

Mark Zuckerberg's group of West Coast investors is working with Latino political groups to protect the flow of cheap labor into Georgia.

"Sometimes, Joshua Quinn said, other African American friends and acquaintances tell him they do not understand the need to put time and energy into Latino and Hispanic issues. What do family separations have to do with us, they will say." #iceraids  #ICE 

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We shared a wonderful pork chop and Latino'>Chino Latino fried rice at Coche Comedor Sat night.

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Latino celebrities in US issue plea to 'speak out loudly against hate' #jakpost 

Some of Mr. Miller’s Latino classmates say his comments made them feel personally attacked. In an interview, Jason Islas said he was ending their friendship for reasons that included “my Latino heritage.” He added, “I think he is a racist.” via @nytimes 


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New York just decriminalized possession of less than 2 oz. of marijuana, saying existing laws "disproportionately affect African American and Latino communities." It will also create a process to expunge an est. 600,000 convictions.

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The poorest town in America is located in GOP-held Illinois 12. New Square, NY - the American town with the highest rate of welfare dependency - is not black-majority, or Latino-majority, or Indian-majority, but instead ... Hasidic Jewish majority.

El Paso is the most Latino big city in America, and the one with the largest percentage of immigrants. Last year, just 23 people were murdered in El Paso. Today, a man apparently motivated by politicians and pundits who claim Latino immigrants are dangerous ... mudered 20.

yesterday right before I went on, a producer told me I was the first Latina ever to open the Grammys stage which made me REALLY have a fire in my belly for this performance. 😈😈😈😈😈😈 in the words of my friend , LATINO GANG!!!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️ #grammys2018 

Adding a citizenship question to the Census would undoubtedly lead Latino and other residents to avoid responding. The resulting count would be inaccurate, unfair, and unrepresentative—a failure of democracy with real consequences for states and communities.

A woman accused of beating a 92-year-old Latino man with a brick in Los Angeles last July 4 — telling him to "Go back to your country" — has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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Was wonderful to meet so many inspiring young patriots last night when I spoke to the ⁦⁩ Latino conference! ⁦⁩ #YLLS2019 

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One time, as a publicity stunt, he marched Latino prisoners into a segregated area with electric fencing.

Hear me out: kids in cages and Latino Americans being denied passports are not a separate story from Trump’s move to fire Mueller. He is trying to rally and consolidate his hard base to force Republicans’ silence when he shuts it all down. Democracy hanging in the balance.

The president works very hard to make people think every Muslim is a member of ISIS and every Latino immigrant is a member of MS-13. Everyone knows what he's doing, while a lot of people want to pretend they don't. GMAFB