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Journalists who spread "alarmist lines and numbers" about COVID-19 when the pandemic was in its nascent stage should apologise for their rhetoric, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny

Some great content on TRU to get stuck into over this Easter weekend! Interview with Nottingham Chairman Ali Bow Feature with SAS: Who Dares Wins star James GwinnettOpinion pieces from our journalists Podcasts with Charlie Beckett & Tom Cruse! All on

This is all happening as: 1) Many journalists are out of jobs 2) People not able to mobilize or protest 3) Celebrities around the world, especially in Middle East, are pushing the government's #covid19  narrative with zero regard to human rights or any other perspective. #thread 

Liberty University presses charges against journalists who covered campus being open during outbreak.

In a Zoom chat with stans, journalists, and other artists, @charli_xcx  revealed her dream collaborators for ‘how i’m feeling now’, including Grimes, Caroline Polachek, Rebecca Black, and Paris Hilton.

White House tests journalists for coronavirus before press briefing

Malawi police train migration journalists on coronavirus containment strategy


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One of the reasons that Fake News has become so prevalent & far reaching is the fact that corrupt “journalists” base their stories on SOURCES that they make up in order to totally distort a narrative or story. When you see, “five sources say”, don’t believe the story, it is....

Wow. The amount of journalists/reporters etc. turning their nose up at the My Pillow Guy. I don’t care if it’s Kermit the Frog making masks for our medical professionals. This is a GOOD THING. So unless you’re doing something to help people, sit down.

China silenced coronavirus whistleblowers, expelled journalists, destroyed samples, refused CDC help, and concealed counts of deaths and infections. It's fact there was a massive coverup. China is responsible. The world must act to hold them accountable.

Gotta be honest: On a night like tonight, I'm still pretty pissed at those journalists and news organizations which treated Hillary Clinton's email server as a matter of apocalyptic importance.

Today’s outcome in Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial is the result of the decisions of multiple women to come forward to journalists and to prosecutors at great personal cost and risk. Please keep those women in your thoughts today.

By releasing the phone records of GOP members, @realDonaldTrump  lawyers and journalists he doesn’t like, @AdamSchiffCA  is doing exactly what he’s accusing the President of - using his power against his opponents for political purposes.

All those tweets are aimed at journalists and bloggers not fans

Trump’s White House just revoked the press pass I’ve had for 21 years as part of its broader crackdown on journalists’ access.

Outrage! Judge Day ordered release of a white supremacist who threatened to kill me, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Rep. AOC, Rep. Omar, pres candidates, & journalists! 15 guns found in his home & he has ties to other neo-Nazis. Why is Barr silent? What must we do? My statement:

It’s not an accident that the US government is making it so difficult for journalists, lawmakers, lawyers and others to bring you images and firsthand accounts from these separated parents and children. They are hiding the truth from you because they fear your reaction.