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always boggles my mind when you guys fly hours to come see a concert, jade and shelly came all the way to Dubai from London !!!! that’s crazy and so adorable. I love you guys so much 😻🙏🏼
She is a bad bitch, made up of magic ✨ jade x
The vote closes TOMORROW... get your votes in with the hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX 🧡
Jade x
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Please read this family’s story and share to raise awareness if you can. This beautiful little baby boy is running out of time to find a new heart ♥️ thank you.
Jade x
come throuuugh with the #WomanLikeMe ✨ART✨😍🔥
1. @Gnuinart
2. @scarlettbrown89
3. @Arianaisbaee22
Daily reminder to vote for us to win the video Brit using the has#BRITVIDLITTLEMIXhtag 🖤 we can do this 🤞🏽 jade x
Lady and the Tramp realness 🐶♥️ Jade x
Jade from little mix is a propa cutie! Just watched xtra factor! Ahaha!
Strong. Sassy. Kind. Independent.
Jade x
Third time lucky 😂 already answering your questions anywayyyysss but let’s keep this going! Oh and don’t forget to vote for the #WomanLikeMe video using the hashtag #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX
😅💕✨ Jade x
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