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Who did this 🤨 I want you niggas on the internet dead. Fuck everybody laughing at this shit. 😡 #getthestrap
This is an egregious attack on our democracy. The end of #NetNeutrality protections means that the internet will be for sale to the highest bidder. When our democratic institutions are already in peril, we must do everything we can to stop this decision from taking effect.
is youtube not working for anyone else? or is it my shitty internet? haha
This is the best internet video I've ever seen
when you first wake up don't hop right on the phone or the internet or even speak to anyone for even up to an hour if possible. Just be still and enjoy your own imagination. It's better than any movie.
K-pop phenomenon @BTS_twt delivered a unified speech about finding self-acceptance that is now going viral on the Internet.
15 years ago, the internet was an escape from the real world. Now, the real world is an escape from the internet.
Who are @BTS_twt and why are they so important? Get to know the seven piece K-pop group taking over the internet 💞
Wow the Internet is a dark place these days
Imagine what life would be like if the only “trusted” news source is the government, mandating what’s reported and controlling what appears in internet search engine results. I’ve visited places like that. They are not the United States of America.
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