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He pretended to be a Pelican and snuck onto the court for shootaround 😂 (via lina112111/Instagram)
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Get #Familiar with what's going on... @JBALVIN @Instagram story at 5pm UK
He gave this fan a high five in slow motion 😂😂😂 (via thetimelessangel/Instagram)
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.@kobebryant's reaction to his Eagles winning the Super Bowl 😂

(via vanessabryant/Instagram)
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You think there’s any chance whatsoever that a mass shooters hateful Instagram and YouTube channels would be pulled immediately if they were NRA members as opposed to liberal Vegan PETA activists? Asking for a few million friends in the @NRA
things I am *unreasonably* bitter about on instagram: you, standing on the edge of an infinity pool. the flowers you received. you, showing your boobs but the caption is not something simple like 'I like my boobs' it's something deep and uncorrelated. your alive dog (mine died)
I've been picking apples in the autumn since before it was cool to post about it on Instagram.
Still no Instagram it was an accident
2017.11.07 7PM KST

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