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The extraordinary decency and courage of this act has brought me to tears this morning. I hope this imam gets the recognition he deserves.
The extraordinary and humane words of Imam Hassan Guillet, at the funeral for the victims of the Quebec massacre.
Imam from Muslim welfare centre protected #FinsburyPark suspect from angry crowds
Are you ready for this?

The Muslim imam and Christian priest from Amazon's viral ad are friends in real life💞
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"We pushed people away from him until he was safely taken by police" – imam on aftermath of #FinsburyPark attack
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BREAKING: Court official: Attack suspect reveals terror cell wanted to strike Barcelona monuments, imam planned to self-immolate.
Turns out, the Muslim imam and Christian priest from Amazon's ad are friends in real life.
Jew-hating Imam, calling for the annihilation of Jews, defended by his California moque
Imam Mohammed Mahmoud protected #FinsburyPark attacker from the crowd until police arrived
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