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The father of the youngest victim of the Barcelona attacks embraces an imam in an emotional show of unity
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The extraordinary decency and courage of this act has brought me to tears this morning. I hope this imam gets the recognition he deserves.
Outstanding! Imam-ul-Haq becomes the second Pakistan batsman ever to score 💯 on ODI debut, the 13th of any nation! A dream innings! #PAKvSL
The extraordinary and humane words of Imam Hassan Guillet, at the funeral for the victims of the Quebec massacre.
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The Muslim imam and Christian priest from Amazon's viral ad are friends in real life💞
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Imam from Muslim welfare centre protected #FinsburyPark suspect from angry crowds
5 wickets from Hassan Ali and Imam-ul-Haq's dream maiden ton on debut seal the ODI series win for Pakistan with a 7 wicket victory! #PAKvSL
"We pushed people away from him until he was safely taken by police" – imam on aftermath of #FinsburyPark attack
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Uncle @InziTheLegend would be proud! Imam-ul-Haq is the Player of the Match after his century on ODI debut! #PAKvSL
Turns out, the Muslim imam and Christian priest from Amazon's ad are friends in real life.
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