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Working out from home can be ruff—so it’s best to involve a furry friend. 🐾💪 @bdwilliams910 

Because the emergency room in New York refused to test staff, she went there in the middle of the night when she knew a friend would be on duty. She tested positive 5 days later.

Don Lemon gets emotional on #CNNTonight  following friend and co-worker Chris Cuomo's #COVID19  diagnosis

Because the emergency room refused to test staff, she went there in the middle of the night when she knew a friend would be on duty. She tested positive 5 days later.

Morning babes! Happy Wednesday 🤍 ⁣ ⁣ Can’t wait to see you all @ 10am PST (1pm EST) this morning! See you guys in 30 mins 😘 ⁣ Tag a friend that you want to this morning’s live workout with 👇🏽⁣ ⁣ #stayhome  #quarantineworkout   #wednesday 

On a new Masters of Scale, my friendTony Tjan of @cueballcapital  shares a thoughtful take on what's next for small businesses and hourly workers in the face of this pandemic:

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Here’s a way back #MarchMadness  photo March 15th 2012 it would be the last games ever Coached the Late Rick Majerus of #StLouis  & @Runnin_Utes ⁩ fame. He was a special guy, protege of Al McGuire and encyclopedia of all things basketball. RIP old friend.🙏🏀

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“I really considered him a friend, a teammate at one point in time” “I’m like ’this is what he really kind of thought about me the whole entire time.’ Now I’m like ‘the hell with it” Interview with TO

I have accepted @SportsCamDude  challenge to post 7 albums I love (1 per day). No reviews, no explanations, just covers. Each day I will nominate a friend to take up this challenge. Day 1 Today I nominate @Global_Smith 

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I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

You never know how much you love somebody until they’re gone. I’ve had so many wonderful years and wonderful times with my friendKenny, but above all the music and the success I loved him as a wonderful man and a true friend.

You should thank my friend. And thank you for your good voice and good song for my fans.☺️ #JIMIN 

Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!

Just spoke to @kanyewest  about his friend A$AP Rocky’s incarceration. I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister of Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky. So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!

It's my birthday and all I want is to be a better friend, better brother, better son and better man

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I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while your at it @realDonaldTrump  can you also let those kids out of cages?