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Freedom Caucus Chair Biggs on casting 1 of 2 nay votes on coronavirus spending bill: The president’s reasonable $2.5 billion request into a bloated $8.3 billion package. By passing this larded-up bill, Congress again fails to wisely appropriate taxpayer dollars.

*NEW COLUMN* Harry & Meghan claimed they quit for peace, privacy & time to focus on saving the planet – in fact they just wanted the freedom to exploit Diana’s death for millions of dollars from environment-destroying bankers.

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I am glad to see this rule go into effect to protect the tax dollars of hardworking Americans. I firmly believe that our nation is a beacon to those all over the world for freedom and opportunity, but we're also a fiercely independent nation who cherishes our can-do spirit.

Gabbard says she would reform campaign finance laws. Limiting super pacs, matching money so those who want to run for office can, including Andrew Yang's idea of Freedom Dollars, allowing Americans to invest in the candidate they like without using disposable income.

MyPOV: a small Price to pay for standing up for free speech and freedom. #uschina  There is now a price tag on the tweet that ravaged the NBA’s business in China: hundreds of millions of dollars.

“No way I want my tax dollars paying for Mexicans or welfare queens.” Why this quote from Trevor i #DyingofWhiteness  by @JonathanMetzl  spells trouble for Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend.

We're just a few hundred dollars away from passing Power Up Your Donation Week's final goal! Support Internet freedom today and double your impact

“We are a little gold mine for the criminals.” Migrants stuck between the U.S. and Mexico are prey to dangers including extortion, kidnapping, and robbery. But what if you don't have thousands of dollars to spare for your freedom? Grantee@verzamex  reports.

Former @FoxNews  anchor Shepard Smith recently made his first public comments since resigning form his position and he donated half a million dollars to a press freedom group.

The Fox News anchor who quit after Trump repeatedly denounced him for being insufficiently propagandistic donates half a million dollars to global media freedom.


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EXCLUSIVE: The Freedom of the Press Foundation routed half a million dollars to . But Assange’s embrace of Trump split the group’s board, and now it’s on the verge of cutting WikiLeaks off.

Religious freedom is NOT using taxpayer dollars to impose beliefs on others or deny homes to children in foster care.

Are you truly free if you graduate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? Are you free if you cannot pursue your dream because you don't make enough to cover your student loan payments? We will #CancelStudentDebt  because there is no freedom without economic freedom.

The American people deserve freedom—true freedom. And you are not truly free when you graduate college with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt. #CancelStudentDebt 

Asia Bibi deserves asylum in the United States. She deserves real freedom. And Americans deserve to know their tax dollars aren’t being sent to subsidize a country’s war on Christianity.

Now that the #Eagles  have made their expected move by picking up QB NickFoles’ $20M option, it’s now his turn: Foles is likely to buy back his freedom with $2M of the dollars he earned from incentives. After that, Philly is considering the franchise tag to trade him.

Judicial Watch is calling for an end to the multi-million dollar hush fund slush fund on Capitol Hill. And we believe that the Freedom of Information Act should apply to Congress too, so that you know how your government is spending your tax dollars.

EXCLUSIVE: The Freedom of the Press Foundation has routed half a million dollars to WikiLeaks. But Julian Assange’s embrace of Trump split the group’s board, which includes Edward Snowden, and now it’s on the verge of a major break

Resonances: Harriet Tubman's father, after gaining his own freedom, managed to buy her mother's--for twenty dollars: