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By the way, every single one of these f***ing trade threats are illegal. Congress approves trade deals, not the President. He’s using the “national defense” loophole, which is a joke. McConnell should be stopping this but he’s a joke too.

Liam Gallagher says Boris Johnson got the PM job 'because he's f***ing ugly'

'This is f***ing insane': Emails and texts reveal tensions among OPW staff over removal of visitor books from heritage sites

I ❤️ special teams. Critical part of 🏈—what makes it a strategy game beyond just back & forth same strokes (tackling tennis). But the NFL must learn their own game, stop w/ the f’ing flags on every ST play. They could do the same (but don’t) on O & D. Stop trashing the product

'This is gone f***ing insane': Emails and texts show tensions among senior OPW staff over move to ban visitor books from heritage sites

‘It is about f---ing time’: Women break into top ranks of 2020 campaigns - POLITICO

‘How f---ing stupid is this?’: A hard Brexit could upend global air travel thanks to complex rules from 1944 via @businessinsider 


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Excuse me .. I got 10/10 in a spelling test once... for some weird reason autocorrect is f***ing me over

She's so f'ing grateful for her ex: Ariana Grande performed in Mac Miller's hometown and she honored him by playing his music before the show and reserving a seat for him...It wasn't easy for her, but she made it through the show despite breaking down several times. 💔

Vai ter segunda temporada de The End of The F***ing World S-I-M. #TEOTFW 

“F---ing great bet.” —Tiger Woods on the fan who bet $85K on him to win the Masters 😂

Andrew Garfield blasts the Supreme Court's same-sex wedding cake ruling: "The new generation is diverse as hell. And it's not something to be afraid of. It's a f---ing party." (Watch) #AngelsInAmerica  #TonyAwards 

“la vida, without love, doesn’t make any f✨✨✨ing sense”-my mom

The travel ban is not Japanese internment. Immigration enforcement is not Nazi Germany. READ A F***ING BOOK.

Senior Tory MP: "We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us".

His VP told him Obamacare was a big f***ing deal on a live mic in the White House.

S E N S I E S!!!!!!! YOU F* #ING  DID IT!!!!!!!! #BringbackSense8  We're coming back!!!! 😍😱😭😭😍🦄🦋☀️🌈💝 @netflix  @sense8 

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