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Some thoughtful press coverage of Ellora Derenoncourt's dissertation research on the Great Migration:

The Kailash temple at Ellora, previously known as Manikeshwar, stands as a sculptural and architectural marvel of early medieval India and is the most remarkable of all cave temples in India.

Research by @cmontialoux  with Ellora Derenoncourt demonstrates the power of the minimum wage to close the racial earnings gap.

@UQAM  @MilesCorakI  @lizhipplen  explaining Americans’ lower o #mobilityutcomes  via the interaction b/w race and public policy, the authors highlight research by E ellora' alt='EGgranteellora' /'>#EGgranteellora  Derenoncourt ( ) @princetonecon  @InequalityHKS 

The new Rs 20 note has the motif of Ellora Caves on the reverse, depicting the country's cultural heritage, says RBI

Wow! New Rs 20 note coming in Greenish Yellow colour with Ellora Caves as motif; check photo, features #Rupee 

So excited to see , who I’ve known since back in the day when I first started writing with Ellora’s Cave (as Evers). She’s speaking at our local RWA chapter! #amwritingromance 

Ellora Derenoncourt: Atlantic Slavery’s Impact on European and British Economic Development: "The economics literature on Atlantic slavery attests to its negative long-run impact on development outcomes in Africa and the Americas. What was slavery’s ...


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Indian #PSUs  to promote #tourism  by conducting Board meetings and conferences at different places like Ajanta -Ellora, Hampi and Bodhgaya.

One of the greatest living Indian sculptors, Shri Ram Vanji Sutar created over 50 sculptures. His works include restoring sculptures found in Ellora & Ajanta, Chambal monument at the Gandhi Sagar Dam, busts of Bapu and Gurudev Tagore and 'Statue of Unity.' Congratulations to him!

This may be difficult to imagine, but this happened and that temple is Kailash Nath Mandir in Ellora, Mahrashtra. #MannKiBaat  #PMOnAIR 

Happy Mahashivratri. Did you know that Ellora's Kailasanatha Temple is the largest built from a single rock?

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Taj amazing, but over marketed compared to say beautiful Hampi or Ellora.Saying it’s neglected coz Muslim irresponsible of @washingtonpost 

Aurangabad (Maharashtra) (11/07/16): Monsoon rains give Ellora Caves a spectacular waterfall.

Hemp (ganja) shielding Ellora caves from decay for 1,500 years: Study

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