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Around a nearby, cold, small star we found 7 rocky Earth-size planets, all of which could have liquid water - key to life as we know it.
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Earth’s bigger, older cousin! @NASAKepler discovers new distant planet that's near-Earth-size:
Breaking: Seven Earth-size planets discovered, 40 light-years away, three of which could harbor liquid water!
Our latest discovery: 7 Earth-size planets orbiting a red dwarf star. Lifeless rocks or ... ? We're studying them:
7 Earth-size planets that could potentially harbor life have been identified orbiting a tiny star not too far away
Newly discovered Kepler-452b is first near-Earth-size planet in 'habitable zone' around a sun-like star. @NASAKepler
At least 7 Earth-size planets found orbiting same star 40 light-years away, according to findings presented by NASA
An Earth-like planet? @NASAKepler found its 1st Earth-size planet in the habitable zone!
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