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“Vote Lib Dem and you will be get far higher air fares?” asks @afneil  “You do if you fly an awful lot, but if you fly once or twice a year you will see your duty going down” Lib Dem deputy leader Ed Davey on aviation taxes #AndrewNeilShow 

“All the forecasters say by staying in the EU… economic growth will be stronger than if you have the hard Brexit deal of Boris JohnsonLib Dem deputy Ed Davey quizzed by @afneil  if the £50bn bonus party claim is really £14bn in 2024/25 #AndrewNeilShow 

Conservative and Labour offer “pretend money” says Lib Dem deputy Ed Davey “But you are going to borrow a lot as well” says @afneil  #AndrewNeilShow 

"Fantasies born of nostalgia for a British imperial past, competing with fantasies from a failed 1970s ideology." That's how Lib Dem deputy leader Sir Ed Davey described the debate between the Conservatives and Labour.

'We believe we can do so well in this election, that we could be forming government.' Lib Dem Deputy Leader@EdwardJDavey  is in confident mood for his party.

'The problem I have with both the other parties is that they're not very clear about what they want to do... At least with the Liberal Democrats you've got a clear message: Stop Brexit.' Lib Dem Deputy Leader@EdwardJDavey 

David says “Revoking Article 50 is not liberal or democratic. Are you considering renaming the party?” Deputy Lib Dem leader Ed Davey says “We do want to stop Brexit… but we only want to do it with a democratic mandate” #BBCYourQuestions 

Simon asks: “Given your new alliance with the Green Party, are you now in favour of the UK unilaterally disarming its nuclear deterrent?” Deputy Lib Dem leader Ed Davey says “no”, adding the election is “about stopping Brexit#BBCYourQuestions 

We won't support @jeremycorbyn  and we will not support @BorisJohnson , let's make that absolutely clear." Lib Dem Deputy Leader@EdwardJDavey  rules out a coalition with both Labour and Conservatives. #EarlyRundown  Get the latest on the early election 👉

Lib Dem deputy leader Sir Ed Davey has said he believes his party can win the General Election and that "Jo Swinson can be Prime Minister, we can stop Brexit." #GE2019  | @LibDemPress 


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'This is Boris Johnson's failure and he has to admit that', says Lib Dem deputy leader Ed Davey

Iain Dale suggested that the Lib Dem deputy leader should actually read Johnson's Brexit deal after having to correct her on EVERYTHING she said about it. @IainDale 

"It's clear Conservatve MPs are joining opposition MPs to make sure we save the country from a no-deal #Brexit ." Lib Dem deputy leader @EdwardJDavey  says if no-deal Brexit is to be stopped, you have to delay an election to November. Follow live updates:

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has increased pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to work with the Lib Dems to prevent an “undemocratic” no-deal Brexit. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said she would work with other parties to prevent a “disastrous” deal-less departure.

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Ex-deputy PM Lord Michael Heseltine has Tory whip removed over Lib Dem support

Former Lib Dem leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has been knighted in the #NewYearsHonours  list