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We don't need a secretary of state whose company spent millions denying climate change and opposing limits on carbon emissions.
.@thehill Your story about me & the carbon tax is absolutely incorrect—it is just the opposite. I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
The U.S. has contributed more than any other country to the atmospheric carbon dioxide that is scorching the planet
People who want to limit carbon emissions:
✅ Majority of Democrats
✅ Majority of Republicans
❌ Trump's choice for EPA head
We don't need a Secretary of State whose company spent millions denying climate change and working to stop limits on carbon emissions.
Cutting carbon pollution emissions by just 32% by 2030 would prevent up to 3,600 premature deaths each year.
President Obama spends so much time speaking of the so-called Carbon footprint, and yet he flies all the way to Hawaii on a massive old 747.
As the Trump administration pulls back, Chicago will push forward & reduce our fair share of carbon emissions in line with the .#ParisAccord
Rex Tillerson supports a carbon tax. This is what is really needed to move the needle.
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