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Proud to invest in plant-based @BeyondMeat as livestock production is a major driver of carbon emissions. Learn more
We don't need a secretary of state whose company spent millions denying climate change and opposing limits on carbon emissions.
Moving #BeyondCoal has helped the US lead in reducing carbon emissions – and can speed similar progress globally.
As GOP struggles to make tax math work, friendly reminder that a $20/ton carbon tax, rising at 5%, wd likely yield $1.3 trillion over 10 yrs
How climate change data has changed since 1992.
• Carbon emissions are up by 62%
• Population has grown by 35%
• Fresh water is 26% less available
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Its hypocrisy
The affluent fly on private jets and sail around the world on fuel guzzling yachts,scream at us about our carbon footprint
Germany to miss its 2020 carbon emissions-reduction goal, despite spending hundreds of billions on renewables. Over 40% of electricity still generated by coal.
.@thehill Your story about me & the carbon tax is absolutely incorrect—it is just the opposite. I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
People who want to limit carbon emissions:
✅ Majority of Democrats
✅ Majority of Republicans
❌ Trump's choice for EPA head
Energy efficiency programmes reduce carbon emissions & air pollution, for the benefit of human health and well-being. Use of solar LED lanterns in place of kerosene and candles, would displace 90 Mt of CO2 emissions and reduce indoor air pollution.
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