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I just finished watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. It's about a corrupt future society in which wealthy, powerful men feel free to ignore the law and abuse and beat up women. In other words, watching it was a lot like reading the morning newspaper.
Profoundly disheartening to see people pushing for a carbon-free economy as soon as possible being labelled "far left".

That's not a radical position. That's what is *required by science for us to survive as a civilization*.
We don't need a secretary of state whose company spent millions denying climate change and opposing limits on carbon emissions.
Holy heck! Edinburgh Univ.--where Joseph Black discovered carbon dioxide--divests from all fossil fuels!! Such thanks to all who fought for this!
Proud to invest in plant-based @BeyondMeat as livestock production is a major driver of carbon emissions. Learn more
.@thehill Your story about me & the carbon tax is absolutely incorrect—it is just the opposite. I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
As clean renewable energy continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, the highest emitting countries are driving toward their #ParisAgreement commitments. In 2017, more than half of new electricity capacity in each of the top 4 carbon emitters came from #wind & .#solar
Its hypocrisy
The affluent fly on private jets and sail around the world on fuel guzzling yachts,scream at us about our carbon footprint
People who want to limit carbon emissions:
✅ Majority of Democrats
✅ Majority of Republicans
❌ Trump's choice for EPA head
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