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MyPOV: dear @DENAirport  you have a massive cluster !$&@ for trains at terminal B. Is something wrong? #fail  #cx  #pax 

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Cx for typo in tweet - senator’s first name is Kevin (not Ken)

Thank you for joining us at #CXSF . Join us next year at CX 2020 in New York City, our largest and most comprehensive #CX  event to date. Learn more: #ForrCX 

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Use customer success management #CSM ) principles to deliver great B2B #CX . Learn more:

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Take Two: The practical, 10-word reason for sexism to die (other than sexism is wrong): "Places with policies hampering or oppressing women lose ground economically," writes @michele_norris  in a special issue of @NatGeo  CX link

Announcing CX 2020 North America — our largest #CX  event to date. Join us and 1,500 industry leaders for three days of #customerexperience  programming. Learn more: Index #ForrCX  #CXIndex 

Emacs dired takes the same switches as ls. C-u C-x d will prompt for switches then open dired.

Search your podcast app for 'CX Files' or click here to listen to the latest #CXFiles  podcast #CX  #CustomerExperience 

Where To Meet Seed CX’s Leadership Team Around The World In Q4 2019

Great to see @list25  getting a shoutout from one of the most influential #cx  analysts in the world today 👍🏻