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I mean, Spurs were on the floor. The record signing can’t get fit, the stalwart CB’s legs have gone, the playmaker pouted his way to Milan, the only 2 DMs are finished and they’ve lost *both* talismanic attackers. IMO, Jose’s showing all sorts of skill to keep Spurs in the mix.

CEEMarketWatch - CB’s Guzmán says CPI inflation won’t meet the bank’s year-end target: - Wage hikes are to blame, the deputy-governor says

Can't underrate how easy it is to go 7 DBs when you have Isaiah Simmons who can play EDGE-LB-CB-S-slot cornerback.

DE, DT, CB, S, LB, WR, TE all addressed in my Dallas Cowboys seven-round mock draft

#49ers thoughts: This team almost has to trade back from 31 overall. -Next selection is at 157 -Needs at WR (sanders a fa), CB, S, IOL -FA wide out class is weak but maybe look at an Agholor type value -I'm out on 32 y/o AJ Green outside of 1-2 year deal

Another look at #Chiefs  vs. LAC zone coverage — Strike Zone throw for Mahomes (20-35 yard line). KC gets two-high coverage w/ Kelce as the backside X receiver. RB release influences the CB’s zone drop. Deep void to target Kelce on the corner route. @NFLMatchup  @gregcosell 

Had jury duty today with one of CB’s scrub nurses ... all the thousands of people, what were the odds of that happening?

New Release: Lainey Finally Recognizes CB’s Feelings, While Coach Mellor Gets a Lesson in Winning and Losing, on an All-New Episode of @SchooledABC , Wednesday, Jan. 29 #Schooled  #ABCPublicity 

@ChrisBrummerDr  This is a very muddled article. The Russian original says that stablecoins are being tested in the CB’s sandbox, and that the CB continues to ruminate on CBDC. But it doesn’t say that the CB is testing CBDC.

44: RB John Riggins 43: S Troy Polamalu 42: CB/S Ronnie Lott Countdown to Super Bowl LIV (Top #NFL  Players by Jersey Number): 99-42 #NFL  @SwhrtColtsFan13  @BaxFootballGuru  @PfgVibe 


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I loved Maguire yesterday . Top CB’s don’t sweat , look calm , don’t spend time on their backsides, win headers,are composed on the ball, cover others and lead by example. It’s only early but he demonstrated all those qualities. No sign of the price tag or OT phasing him either!

Listen in on rookie CB 's game against the Panthers as he fine tunes his craft. | #GoBucs 

#Oklahoma — Smart concept from Lincoln Riley to beat Quarters coverage. Double post removes the CB/S. Crossing route + RB release creates a Hi-Lo read for QB Kyler Murray. Target the open void in the coverage.

On the field, he's a trash-talking, swaggering, shutdown corner. Off the field, he's humble and laid-back. Meet college football's best CB: 's Greedy Williams.

It’s high time to restore monetary policy credibility & regain investor confidence. The government is committed to maintaining fiscal discipline & accelerating structural reforms (incl macro prudential measures) to reduce current account deficit & help CB’s disinflation efforts.

All time favorite #Patriots  at each position COPY...PASTE...EDIT...GO!! QB- RB- WR- TE- OL- DL- LB- CB- S- ST-

Steelers: CB, S, OG, OT, OLB Giants: LB, WR, OL, RB, S Top 5 draft needs for all 32 teams:

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VIDEO: Steve Smith Sr. grabs Steelers CB’s jersey, death-stares into his soul

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