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#Broncos boss John Elway said this week NFL officials admitted the controversial roughing the passer on Bradley Chubb on the #Bears ' winning drive was "dead wrong", so no surprise: Chubb wasn't fined for the hit on Mitchell Trubisky.

Khalil Mack-Leonard Floyd, Everson Griffen-Danielle Hunter, Bradley Chubb'>Von Miller-Bradley Chubb. Packers T Bryan Bulaga: "We’re talking All-Pro, potential Hall of Fame-type players ... I can’t remember a stretch where we’ve had to do that." Story here on @espn :

John Elway: NFL officials admitted they were "dead wrong" on Bradley Chubb's roughing flag vs. #Bears  by @RubinoJC  #Broncos 

Bradley Chubb@astronaut ) talks about his controversial penalty at the end of the #Broncos  #Bears  game. #9Sports 

Von Miller is getting frustrated, but Bradley Chubb isn't there yet, by the lack of sacks through two regular-season games

John Elway: NFL officials admitted they were “dead wrong” on Bradley Chubb’s roughing flag vs. Bears

Big thanks to @Broncos  OLB Bradley Chubb@ASTROCHUBB ) and all the fans for joinin @redwardsradio  an @AllbrightNFL  o #BroncosCountry  Tonight live a @BWWings  near Park Meadows sponsored b @budlight  ! NEXT WEEK @Broncos  @ChrisHarrisJr '>C @ChrisHarrisJr  here a @BWWings  near Park Meadows!


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Roughing the passer on #Broncos ’ Bradley Chubb. Straight garbage.

Sitting on a plane from Denver to LA. Bradley Chubb sitting one row ahead, stuffed in middle seat. Guy in window: sorry man, I feel bad. Chubb: it's okay Guy: so you play for the broncos? Chubb: yep Guy: are you guys excited about this new DE... Chubb? Chubb: that's me actually.

Our defense just got that much better. Welcome to #BroncosCountry , Bradley Chubb!

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NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb took aim at the FSU logo after the Pack's victory.

"Honor to meet you, Coach Belichick." The head coach led Bradley Chubb () through a drill at 's Pro Day.

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With the #5  overall pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft , the @Broncos  select Bradley Chubb@astronaut )! 📺: NFLN/FOX/ESPN

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The Broncos' defensive line just got a lot scarier with Bradley Chubb heading to Denver.

Now that the Giants have traded Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers, maybe they consider Bradley Chubb at No. 2.