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Fact for you: Christian publishers say China has become America’s primary source of Bibles because of its unparalleled proficiency in printing the 800,000-word text, which requires thinner paper and often more ornate, hand-stitched bindings.

The U.S. can't kick its addiction to Chinese ... bibles? (by @lydiadepillis )

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From Native Americanbibles to U.S. Poet Laureate@JoyHarjo  , intern Marni was immersed in Native American literature during her summer at the @SmithsonianNMAI  Library:

Did I read the book? Of course I read the fooking book! It's one of my bibles bruh! *quitplayin Are you saying there's still people who haven't read it? *getthefookout via *ChristLeeEich follow him *amreading *bookclubs *booklovers

By day, Thomas Silkjaer designs bibles. By night, he turns blockchains into art

Trump has permanently spared bibles printed in China from his tariff plans.

Trump: China pays for all the tariffs. Also Trump: We'll exempt Bibles from the tariffs so Americans don't have to pay a "Bible tax."

New US tariffs on books imported from China will not include Bibles and other religious titles:

Bibles exempt from Trump China tariffs as charges on children's books delayed:


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Democrats have gone all Scientology against . We read the DNC lawsuit. Its primary claim against is that we published their "trade secrets". Scientology infamously tried this trick when we published their secret bibles. Didn't work out well for them.

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Most of the ppl outraged about "SIGNING A BIBLE!" don't read one or believe in it so why do they care other than it's who did it. I've been asked to sign thousands of Bibles over the yrs-because person asked. I never claimed to be the author! Get a grip!

As Governor, I walked through tornado sites w/ Pres Bill Clinton and he graciously posed for photos, signed Bibles and other things as ppl asked him to. No FAKE NEWS stories about it. does it and media freaks out. Get a life, media-and a real job just reporting.

1) Truman's signed note in an admirer's Book of Psalms 2-3) Autographs of Clintons, Gore, Carters, Mondale in bible of collector Stephen Koschal 4) Heads exploding over Trump signing Bibles for Alabama tornado survivors

Here’s President Trump signing Bibles for Alabama tornado survivors

If you’re getting your bibles signed by this man. Trust me god has expedited your ass straight to hell.

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The Democratic National Committee is trying to claim that emails of its political operatives are "trade secrets" in order to stop everyone publishing them -- just like the Scientology cult did with its "bibles". PDF: Legal fund: