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On Apple Card launch day, Goldman CEO says card is 'a beginning': memo

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Apple's credit card, now available has no annual, late or over-the-limit fees. See who can get it >>

Apple Card is available today—with even better rewards than we thought

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$AAPL bucking the trend, up for the third straight day. Today's gain in line with the 1% cash back if you swipe the new physical Apple Card.

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No invite needed anymore. The Apple Card launches today for all US customers. @meganmorrone  got one early and shared her take here->

Apple launched the Apple Card publicly today. Did you apply for one?


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We designed Apple Card to put privacy and security first. Thrilled to offer it to iPhone customers in the US starting today!

Here’s a neat Apple Card thing: you know how the promo images all show a card in the app with a gradient design? That gradient dynamically reflects the categories of your purchases - so my card, with just a lone Starbucks purchase so far, is orange

Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs to make its own credit card due out this summer — no plastic required. An optional physical card is available, but it's a laser-etched titanium rectangle.

Scammers are planning a conference right now to discuss the Apple Card

For places Apple Pay isn't accepted, you will get a physical Apple Card. -titanium -laser-etched -available this summer The flex? priceless #AppleEvent 

After mocking credit cards, Apple just created one. Meet the Apple Card. #AppleEvent 

Apple is getting its own credit card service, Apple Card. -it works worldwide -anywhere Apple Pay is accepted -customer service via iMessage #AppleEvent 

Apple Card includes easy sign up on iPhone, no wait period, works worldwide in Wallet app

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Went to Greggs to get an Apple Danish, the woman asked for a picture, we took it, I went to pay, card declined, I walked out in silence.