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TOMORROW: @NorahODonnell  anchors a @CBSNews  Special Report as the House committee investigating Jan. 6th holds its next hearing. Watch on @CBS  & on CBS News Streaming.

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The $9.5 million facility will be north of the football stadium, adjacent to two practice fields.

While @GaydosKTAR  was flying back from vacation, he was passing over Canada and an interesting thought came to his mind after a busy news week. @GaydosAndChad  Full video:

13News Now Vault: Other landmark cases called into question following Roe v. Wade reversal

SEC Chair Gensler Affirms#bitcoin  Is a Commodity Thats the Only One Im Going to Say Regulation Bitcoin News #crypto  #cryptocurrencyc  @BTCTNurrency  $BTC

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Review: Saskatoon Summer Players' 9 to 5 is a joyful return to the office

The News Brief w/ @ZachGelb  is next! Hear: - Jared Bednar on his emotions after #GoAvsGo  won the #StanleyCup  - Jon Cooper on the incredible three year run for the #Lightning  - Julian Edelman on Jimmy G's injury history Listen Live:

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The news coming out of the United States is horrific. My heart goes out to the millions of American women who are now set to lose their legal right to an abortion. I can’t imagine the fear and anger you are feeling right now.

Everything wrong with Fox News in one video

Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate

Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources. We will not do so unless at gunpoint. Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.

Nobody wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t allow our Poll Watchers and/or Vote Observers to Watch or Observe. This is responsible for hundreds of thousands of votes that should not be allowed to count. Therefore, I easily win both states. Report the News!


Devastated to hear the news about Robin . He was the such a lovely kind and funny guy. Sending all my love to the whole family.

Help me #give2veterans . Every retweet means a dollar for @Stand4Heroes , up to $500K, by 9/30. Let's see how much we can raise today!

Breaking News in Minnesota. Family pulled over and officer open fires on driver for reaching for his license.

Disgusted! The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!