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Frost advisory issued for western Loudoun, northern Fauquier, and Frederick (Md.) counties overnight (2a to 9a Monday), with lows expected to dip into the mid-30s. Forecast:

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Football rankings: Callaway is new No. 1 in 2A

India's GISAT-1, Microsat 2-A, GSAT-12R, RISAT-2BR2 satellites ready for launch, says senior #ISRO  official @isro 

Metro Christian takes on Holland Hall on Friday night in a battle of teams ranked in the top 4 in the Class 3A and 2A state rankings. That game takes center stage on the schedule after two other high profile…

$VBIV: VBI Vaccines announced additional biomarker data from its ongoing Phase 1/2a study evaluating VBI-1901

We guess in @WGAL  ’s world, 2A rights are in tact as long as one type of gun is available to American consumers, that firearm is so expensive most people can’t afford it, folks must first ask the government permission before buying it, and they can only keep it at home in safe.


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95% Approval Rating of President Trump in the Republican Party. I would imagine the 5% are the RINOS’ and stupid people who don’t want to see great Judges & Supreme Court Justice’s, a new & powerful Military, Choice for Vets, 2AProtection, big RegulationCuts, Life, & much more!

Please let this serve as my Complete and Total Endorsement of a great fighter and ally in North Carolina, @LyndaBennettNC . She is strong on Crime, Borders, Military, our Great Vets & 2A. She will be a great help to me in DC. EARLY VOTING STARTS TODAY. We need Lynda Bennett! #NC11 

Somebody please tell highly overrated Colin Powell that I will have gotten almost 300 Federal Judges approved (a record), Two Great Supreme Court Justices, rebuilt our once depleted Military, Choice for Vets, Biggest Ever Tax & Regulation Cuts, Saved Healthcare & 2A, & much more!

Good morning Louisiana! Polls are open at 7AM. Get out and VOTE for @EddieRispone  to be your next Gov! He will get your taxes and auto insurance (highest in Country!) way down. Loves our Military & Vets. Will protect your 2A. Find your polling place below:

Most of the money raised by the RINO losers of the so-called “Lincoln Project”, goes into their own pockets. With what I’ve done on Judges, Taxes, Regulations, Healthcare, the Military, Vets (Choice!) & protecting our great 2A, they should love Trump. Problem is, I BEAT THEM ALL!

So interesting to see all of these people I beat so badly, pundits & consultants that never had a chance, telling me how to run for office. Many are Republicans who should LOVE our 280 new Judges, rebuilt Military, 2A, great V.A. Low Taxes, etc. Just don’t like that I beat them!

Who else gave the less than elite (We are the elite. We know how to WIN!) 260 great new Federal Judges, 2 SCJ’s, Low Taxes, biggest ever REG. CUTS, Rebuilt Military, Choice, saved 2A & MUCH more? Not Sleepy Joe! Thank you Erick.

Sean Parnell is an American Hero. Conor Lamb has proven to be an American fraud, and a puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi. He said he would NOT vote for her for Speaker, and did. Will kill 2A. Voted to impeach (on nothing). A TOTAL & COMPLETE Sean Parnell Endorsement!

@RepKevinBrady  (R) of Texas-08 loves Texas & our Country. He has been a GREAT Congressman & supporter of #MAGA . Strong on Crime, Border, Military, Vets and your 2A, he is the best Tax Cutter in D.C. Kevin has my Complete & Total Endorsement. Vote on March 3rd. Thank you!