Maddie Garay / Covid / Maddie

12-year old Maddie de Garay was excited to be part of the Covid vaccine trial. Her parents are in medicine & engineering and wanted their kids to help bring an end to the pandemic. But now, Maddie is in a wheelchair and needs a feeding tube. They want her to be believed.

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Maddie Garay / Covid / Maddie

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NYC making vaccine cards or proof of vaccination necessary for indoor dining and gyms, Mayor@MayorBdB  announces: “Just show it and you’re in.”

Once again illogical and unscientific policy pushed by Fauci ignores natural immunity.

Today I spoke at the Senate Foreign Relations hearing on AUMFs. Congress has a responsibility to not only vote to authorize new military action, but to repeal old authorizations that are no longer necessary.

The defund the police movement “has made things worse by pushing law-enforcement away and making them more hesitant about protecting our neighborhoods. Police presence in our neighborhoods is smaller, and it’s making our streets more unsafe..."

If you are fully vaccinated, your risk of infection is lower, but some people can still spread the Delta variant. When “breakthrough cases” of #COVID19  do occur in vaccinated people, nearly all are avoiding serious illness, hospitalization, or death.

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Join us live at City Hall for a major announcement on how New York City will lead the way in fighting back COVID and driving up vaccinations.

10:00:00 a.m. - The House convened, starting a new legislative day.

NEW YORK (AP) — NYC mayor says indoor dining and gyms will require vaccination proof, making it 1st big US city to impose such rules.

Judic hrg 2day abt options for students who borrow more for higher ed than they can afford to repay Good 2look into Better to solve problem on front end tho / I hv 3 bills to give students info they need 2avoid getting in over their heads w student debt bc of high cost of college

Investigator Joon Kim on Cuomo: "These were not isolated incidents. They were part of a pattern."