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I had to delete a tweet about politics and business skills because it was the only way to stop hundreds of people from Twitter-splaining to me that Trump, in fact, was not very good at being a businessman.

not correct protocol even for a president, but it’s going to be a long night.

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He seems a little more twitchy than usual tonight.

Trump just promised that no one will ever desecrate Mt Rushmore, while standing in front of Mt Rushmore. I think you see the problem there.

I wonder if his speech writers substituted “divine ” for “unalienable” because they were worried he couldn’t get his mouth around the larger word.

This speech is what happens when there is no chief speechwriter to smooth over the stitches in between contributions from the team.

He went from the super energized divisive part, to a slow, slushy, droning in a low voice. Having trouble with some of the words, like “exclusion.”

Wow, this speech is so bad that Fox just cut in on it to say that it is “a tough law and order speech”

OK, we’re back to a part of the speech that was written by whoever wrote the first part of the speech.

50 Years Ago, Casey Kasem Began Counting Down The Hits On American Top 40


Trump notes that the virus is dangerous to people who are “heavy” and then says how grateful he is that he is in and I am not paraphrasing “perfect shape”

He finds a new way to disgrace himself and pollute the office every day.

This overblown dreck of a speech is a Stephen Miller special product. The worst speechwriting shop of any modern president, hands-down.

Watching Trump attorney Jenna Ellis talk to @brianstelter  and it's always the same Wall of Sound strategy: Fill the air with jabbering non-sequiturs, never let the interviewer finish a question, interrupt constantly, and suck the oxygen out of the segment. Pointless.

I am a father. And being a father - and being able to look my daughter in the eye and say that I did my best to fight against things that are not okay, no matter how powerful the man might be - is one of the most important reasons I opposed Donald Trump right from the start.

I watched the whole segment in real time, Ms. Ellis. You were engaging in a performance for an audience of one, a fusillade of slogans and catch-phrases. As is the case with all Trumpers on media, interrupting you is the only way to stop you from filibustering the entire segment.

I know we're all saying "IF ONLY BOLTON HAD TESTIFIED," but the GOP Senate had everything it needed to convict him, and they were never going to do it. This was never going to matter, but speaking up would have been the patriotic thing to do, no matter what the GOP did.

As God is my witness, he is reenacting his walk down the ramp. Apparently the fine folks at @ProjectLincoln  got under his skin just a bit.

Imagine - no, I know, we've played this game before, but we have to do it again - imagine if Obama had been sitting on intelligence that the Russians were putting bounties on our people and sat on it for months, dithering about what to do.