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What if I or a family member gets sick? What if I run out of sick days? What if my workplace shuts down? Can I ask to work from home? I asked & answered questions about your rights as a California worker during the current #covid19  pandemic:

Conferences are being cancelled left & right bc of coronavirus. I went to a tech conference this week that cancelled overseas visitors from China and N. Italy & said they would ask people showing cold or flu symptoms to leave. w @smasunaga  @_EMorgan704 

eBay, trying to crack down on price gougers taking advantage of coronavirus fears, has banned the sales of face masks and hand sanitizer on its site:

Businesses near LA Live & Staples Center, home to the Lakers, Clippers and Kings have taken a hit from coronavirus fears as NBA/NHL suspend seasons. The area is a ghost town, restaurants anticipate layoffs, staff have seen their hours reduced or canceled:

BREAKING: Los Angeles mayor orders bars and nightclubs to close and restaurants to halt dine-in service and limit their business to takeout orders until March 31 as part of the city’s efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus

Nearly 1 in 5 US workers have been let go or have had their hours reduced because of coronavirus, a new poll finds:

Restaurants & food service workers are reeling from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. @piescarcega  compiled some resources for those affected, including some for undocumented workers, who are vital to the US food service industry: