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'You looked like Gandalf': Tony Blair admits his lockdown mullet was a mistake

Holidays to Spain with NO test or vaccine passport needed to get into the country

Amazing. I mean there's libel - and then there's "he's no doubt using his royalties to fund killing." Hooray@Twitter  @TwitterUKUK .

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Phylicia Rashad Named College of Fine Arts Dean at Howard University

Harley’s show @cruelsummer  takes place in the mid-90’s. So while I’m sure she was mortified to have to deliver this pop culturally accurate line, I was obviously tickled by it! (So glad I made it out of that heart attack alive - otherwise I’d have missed sweet shit like this!)

Pablo Escobar "messed up a whole generation," J Balvin explains. "I want to show the world the new generation”

To create a secure and sustainable food system, we need to revolutionise the way we eat meat. Today we’re one step closer. Congrats to @UmaValeti  and the @MemphisMeats  team for the wonderful rebrand and renewed vision. Excited for the future:

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Cheney after her ouster: “I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval office.

15 states have fully vaccinated at least half of adult residents, CDC data shows. Those states are: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Mexico, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa.

Husband of British woman murdered in Greek burglary says he 'begged the thieves not to harm us'


Scoops of the Week

touch dat BUTTA baby. one thing bout #BUTTADROP  , it’s gon give what’s its s’pose to gave!!!

Almost HALF of all Covid cases in London are now the Indian variant

Why is it that the two women of colour are always mistaken for each other? 10 years in and still this is happening. This is the type of shit Jade and I have had to deal with for 10 years and this is another reason as to why I was fuelled to make my doc. #DOBETTER  Leigh x

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Police arrest British man in his 20s from Canterbury area over murder of PCSO Julia James

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Brit Awards 2021: Adam Lambert turns heads in a leopard print suit and snakeskin gloves

Lovely to shine a light on these three wonderful women working for @VirginAustralia . Happy Mother's Day to all of the mums in the #VirginFamily  and beyond.

End of day thought - cannot forget @fmwales  helping a young mum with her benefits in Cardiff. She had no idea who he was, He didn't care. He got on with it. That's why Labour won in Wales... deep rooted party of humane comrades determined to serve the working class

The move to downgrade the alert level means the coronavirus is now only in 'general circulation' Read more:

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