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My friends in North Carolina and Virginia, you can vote now. Find a location and make your plan to vote safely. Then tell your friends and family that you already voted and ask them their plans. We need a massive tidal wave to ensure Trump can’t cheat.

Mutations in Type I Interferon Immunity Genes Underlie Severe COVID-19 | @GenomeWeb ⁩ @sciencemagazine ⁩ Answering the question of why some individuals are susceptible while others are not, adjusted by age, sex, comorbidities, etc. #PM101 

Really insightful analysis from @CMO_England ⁩ who was a superb CMO when I was Health Sec.We need to move debate onto learning lessons for next pandemic starting with improving surveillance & publishing SAGE advice to Ministers to allow peer review

Our Coffee Bean Hand Grinder was spotted in @BHG 's list of the 5 best coffee grinders! Check out the full roundup:

11 design experts on the power of art—& seeing ourselves in it.

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Charting the coronavirus pandemic over the next 12 months — and beyond In this project, STAT describes 30 key moments, possible turning points that could steer the pandemic onto a different course or barometers for how the virus is reshaping our lives.

Don't miss @NHCouncil ’s virtual Science of Patient Engagement Symposium! On Sept. 29-30, leading experts in patient engagement will be discussing diversity and representativeness in health care. Register now to join the conversation: #PuttingPatientsFirst 

#HPV-Mediated Head, Neck Cancers Predicted to Rise for Decades via @medscape  #hnscc 

Areas with high rates of #opioid-related  medical care also had higher crime rates and were more racially segregated. Find more details in #AHRQ  analysis.


Scoops of the Day

This should continue for at least another month. It’s lovely weather for cycling and walking.

As someone who is very proud to have worked for the #NHS  for 25 years, can I politely ask every UK citizen to remember one thing today: It’s “Serco” track and trace, NOT “NHS” track and trace. The NHS is the country’s most trusted institution and we should not let Serco trash it

My husband is getting notifications from his place of employment that, in the 6 months since anyone has gone into the office, RATTLESNAKES have taken up residence. And they're happily multiplying.

Shirakiku brand Black Fungus (Kikurage) may be contaminated with Salmonella. Learn more:

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In this audio interview conducted on September 23, 2020, as global deaths near 1 million and U.S. deaths pass 200,000, the editors reflect on 8 months of action and inaction against Covid-19. #COVID19  #SARSCoV2 

The latest CDC #COVIDView  report shows that, since the beginning of August, weekly hospitalization rates for all adult age groups have declined. Hospitalization rates among children have remained steady during the same period. Learn more:

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Community-focused and independent restaurants are at the heart of every city, town, and village across America. The #jbfa  broadcast highlights how we need to support local restaurants and keep them #openforgood 

Over two-thirds of the U.S. believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Confirming Amy Coney Barrett, who has a judicial record of restricting abortion access, to replace RBG is an enormous step backward for our country and for a person's right to choose.


Scoops of the Week

The Sneaky Dee’s replacement, design by @QuadrangleArch . Somebody decided to get arty here.

"If our voices can give strength to people, then that’s what we want and that’s what we’ll keep on doing." @BTS_twt’s heartfelt message to young people at #UNGA . From feeling alone to feeling hopeless, they shared their struggles during COVID-19 to remind us what binds us.

COVID now 4th largest mass casualty event in US history. Topped only by the Civil War, WWII, 1918 flu pandemic.

I’m ready to work with @HouseGOP  and @GOPLeader  to RESTORE the American way of life, REBUILD the greatest economy America has ever seen, and RENEW the American dream.

💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Live NOW! @BTS_twt  and @unicefchief  share a special message to young people doing their very best to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. #UNGA 

RBG in repose at Supreme Court Wednesday and Thursday

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JUST IN: #JNJ  has announced the start of our Phase 3 clinical trial for our investigational #COVID19  vaccine candidate. We are fully focused on developing a safe, effective and urgently-needed preventive solution for people around the world. Read more:

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#Italy IT was the first Western country to be heavily affected by #COVID19 . The government & community, across all levels, reacted strongly & turned around the trajectory of the epidemic with a series of science-based measures. This video tells the story of IT ’s experience.

The fear may still be there, but you have to act on your purpose and not your fear. Fear will keep you from your destiny. You may feel fear, but you have to do it afraid. Be inspired by this message from Joel, "Calling Over Comfort". Check it out here: