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@Gorman_JG  @PatLeahyITD  @Paschaldisagree  on the public/private issue. Reality is both sectors create value, as h @MazzucatoMas  shown us. Also at the moment the tax burden of paying back what we’ve borrowed is tiny relative to the outlay. Imo the problem is we don’t have an overarching plan to move us forward

Capstone Turbine Co. $CPST Expected to Post Quarterly Sales of $15.25 Million

More than a dozen district judges have been installed into lifetime positions in September alone, part of Mr Trump’s near-record first-term tally of 217 judicial appointments. - Read @kadhimshubbe @FTr⁩ via

This could make life quite hard for those of us who research/write about/comment on Brexit...

Avangrid $AGR Stock Rating Lowered by BofA Securities


Scoops of the Day

Did you ever think we would wake up and see headlines like these in the @washingtonpost  and @nytimes  !!

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Joe Biden sent millions of American jobs overseas for decades, especially to China. What did China (and Russia) send back? Millions of dollars to his son Hunter...and Joe knew about it all, as Vice-President.

“They’re all great,” said Pres Trump about his Supreme Court pick. “Could be anyone of them,” he said, refusing to give a hint. “I haven’t said it is her,” asked about was Judge Amy Coney Barrett. “They’re all outstanding,” he said of the 5 women he was considering.

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BREAKING: FAA Administrator Steve Dickson will fly the 737 Max on September 30, a key symbolic step before the jet’s return to service first in the United States.

Amazing. FL is still having ~100 deaths per day. Positivity rate is 11%. This is going to kill a lot of people.

Hunter Biden sold influence all over the world, and made millions from America’s enemies Russia & China. His father knew, as sitting VP. Joe didn’t care, he was too busy appeasing the CCP and sending American jobs abroad...

Earlier in Bakersfield, California the patriots popped out to meet BLM.

The undermining of American by Donald Trump is almost over.

Madrid & NYC were both hit very, very hard by covid in March. Since then, Madrid has fully opened its bars & restaurants for indoor service, while NYC has not. Madrid has a significant second wave, but NYC does not.


Scoops of the Week

Senate Republicans will do our job. And Senate Republicans will continue to confirm @realDonaldTrump 's well-qualified nominees. #FillTheSeat 

Scared out of his mind to go to jail. Now wants anarchy. Hard to understand why his GOP accomplices are going along with it.

Boris Johnson today: “There is nothing more frustrating for the vast majority, the law-abiding majority that do comply. Then the sight of a few brazenly defying the rules."

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Joe Biden went to the industrial heartland of Wisconsin today...and he actually promised to help manufacturing? Look at his record, and dismiss his rhetoric!

America needs nine Supreme Court Justices. RT if you agree. #FillTheSeat 

📰 "They only want us and the public to see the things they want us to see." Local and international journalist groups are opposing new Hong Kong police rules that will decide who is allowed to cover #HongKongProtests . More @business : #香港

Newly declassified text messages indicate no crime. No evidence of wrong doing. "Mad scramble" to try and entrap @GenFlynn  & @realDonaldTrump  in 2017. shameful to see no accountability at all @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness