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Good Morning from #Germany , where supermarket prices are rising much faster than in other Eurozone countries. Food CPI jumped 19% YoY in Sep, the highest food price #inflation  since the start of the statistic.

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Just because we can get rid of the Tories without proportional representation doesn’t mean we don’t need it A Labour landslide would not be good for democracy, good government or governance. We really do need a proper democracy

Over $10 trillion has been wiped out from the US stock market this year.

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It's incomprehensible to me that some (including many in Congress) think our corrupt, incompetent (except when it comes to spiking wealth-inequality) @federalreserve  can somehow "save the Earth. " The Fed should clear checks & give tours to schoolchildren.

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Federal Judge Orders SEC to Turn Over Hinman Documents in #Ripple  Case via @WatcherGuru 

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Scoops of the Day

Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren’t too choppy

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Tomorrow 115,000 brave postal workers will strike and take on the multi millionaire bosses once again. They kept the country connected during the pandemic and now need your support. RT if you stand with your postie. #StandByYourPost 

“Protest-too-much” Alito: “saying or implying that the court is becoming an illegitimate institution or questioning our integrity crosses an important line.”

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High networth individuals will be required to pay taxes every year based on the market value of their assets and investments if Ruto's wealth tax proposal goes through. — Business Daily

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What to do? Numerous things. First, be rid of not just Truss and Kwarteng, but the party that put them there. This is vital.

Many are saying the Fed is making a "mistake" in hiking rates "too fast" in an attempt to break inflation. Where were these critics when the money supply was increased by 40% in 2 years and the Fed was buying mortgage bonds, artificially suppressing rates during a housing bubble?

Note, this event is meant for recruiting AI & robotics engineers, so will be highly technical


Scoops of the Week

Italian cyclist Michael Guerra uses his knowledge of physics and aerodynamics to adopt a “plank” position and overtake his competitors.

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Ivermectin WORKED as a therapeutic treatment for Covid. Anthony Fauci lied about that fact and hundreds of thousands died because of his malpractice and dishonesty. He belongs in prison.

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Liz Truss has proved she can make unpopular decisions. Does she have any other skills?

Two more minors have been denied abortions in Ohio. These are children – victims of sexual assault – who would have gotten the care they needed under Roe.

Starlink now over 1M user terminals manufactured

Just a beautiful day in Florida! 😂 Hurricane Ian is here 😊! Stay safe everyone #Hurricane  #HurricaneIanI #Hurricanes #Floridan #doggy #100xGemss #NFTCommunity #NFTDay  #NFTGame  #NFTsales  #Metaverse  #PlayToEarn 

Great overview of the Supreme Court majority making up false facts in the football prayer case; false facts, but ones that got them the result they wanted.

Kwarteng has created a mess. It will take many years to clear it up. In half an hour on Friday Kwarteng caused more damage to the Uk than. maybe anyone else in the last 75 years