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The attack took place at an education institute in Kabul where an entrance exam was taking place

The Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has said the review into the cancellation of 999 calls made a number of "stark findings" as well as a number of recommendations

A suicide bomb attack at a learning centre in the Afghan capital has killed 19 people as students prepared for university entrance exams

Irish Defence Forces personnel have spoken about their involvement in an operation targeting a large cargo ship involved in arms smuggling to warring factions in Libya. Our first article on our visit to Operation Irini in Rome.

Hurricane Ian has torn parts of Florida to pieces, with countless homes and properties lost. Americans are being warned the death toll will be 'shocking'. #HurricaneIan  #7NEWS 

As a poll gives Labour a 33 point-lead, @AnnaJonesSky  asks Andrew Griffith: 'Has this government already lost the confidence of the public?' The Financial Secretary to the Treasury says we should now look at Labour's policies "in detail" 👉

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng will talk to the head of the Office of Budget Responsibility today after their mini-budget sparked market turmoil

Arvind Kejriwal is one such person who can make any statement. His MLAs have said that liquor should be allowed even in Gujarat where it's banned. His 'Sharab Ghotala' will turn out to be the biggest scam in India: @yagnesh_dave  @prathibhatweets  with more details


Scoops of the Day

President Biden speaks after receiving a briefing at FEMA on the impact of Hurricane Ian. The president says early reports suggest there may be "substantial loss of life" from the storm and assures the federal government will provide assistance.

Liz Truss repeatedly told the BBC that energy bills are capped at £2,500. They are not. This figure is based on what a “typical” household with average use will pay. It is *not* the maximum amount any household will pay.

"President Trump saw my case and the rest is history, I was set free." A new documentary focuses on former President Donald Trump granting clemency to Alice Marie Johnson@AliceMarieFree ]. She speaks about what her life has been like since. MORE:

Fort Myers, Florida, Mayor Kevin Anderson says the destruction from Hurricane Ian to his city is devastating. "We've got extensive flooding in the downtown area, a lot of trees, damage to roofs. It looks like a war zone."

WATCH @repmayraflores  demands accountability from Joe Biden for creating our historic border crisis: “We are sick and tired of this administration acting like this humanitarian crisis is not happening…we are asking the Biden administration to come to South Texas.”

What is more important: saving face for the Prime Minister and Chancellor or saving the mortgage payments of millions of people? From @SkyNews ⁩ today.

As I told our service members in Japan, when it comes to America’s national security, one of our defining missions is to uphold the international rules-based order. The work of the United States in the Indo-Pacific is critical to that mission.

@JimCantore  and @StephanieAbrams  showed us some of the damage they're seeing today from Hurricane#Ian  and shared how mitigation efforts kept it from being worse.

Methane leaks have emerged as a top threat in the climate fight, with the latest incident involving two Russian gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea. Here’s an explanation of how leaks accelerate global warming

Rosie Duffield: "Eddie Izzard is not a woman... I am absolutely not the only Labour woman MP who will leave the party if Eddie Izzard gets onto an all-women shortlist" #Lab22 


Scoops of the Week

WATCH: Destroyed buildings, homes floating away in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

“I want to make it very clear: this socialist Muslim working class woman will not be silenced.” My full speech at the @socialistcam  Labour fringe rally here👇🏾 Solidarity!

🔺 NEW: Tory MPs who are critical of the plans have already put in letters of no confidence in Liz Truss

The Alliance between the United States and Japan has never been stronger.

Tonight @NASA  will crash an uncrewed spacecraft into an asteroid. On purpose. Yes, you read that correctly. And no, this is not a movie plot. The #DARTmission  is the world’s first mission to test technology for defending Earth against potential asteroid or comet hazards!

"I'm a vocal attorney for President Trump but I'm also a vocal Republican, does that mean that my children and my home are going to get raided?" Alina Habba reacts to the raid and arrest of a pro-life leader by the FBI. @AlinaHabba  @ericbolling  MORE:

This is unprecedented! Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed-Arya spoke at a public funeral without her obligatory headscarf #مهسا_امینی

I spoke with @fema  Administrator Deanne Criswell to get an update on relief and recovery efforts. We are committed to enduring support for the people of Puerto Rico.

We have impact! Around 7:14 p.m. EDT, the DART spacecraft crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos. What a watershed moment for planetary defense and all of humanity! Here’s my message to the @NASA’s#DARTmission  team.

Woah. Veteran mortgage broker Ray Bolger tells @BBCr4today  his verdict on the Kami-Kwasi budget: "I think we can expect to see a significant fall in house prices - I'm suggesting around 10% next year."