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CBDT issues refunds of over Rs 17,061 crores to more than 13 lakh taxpayers between 1st April to 10th May. Income tax refunds of Rs. 5,575 crores have been issued in 12,71,401 cases & corporate tax refunds of Rs. 11,486 crore have been issued in 29,592 cases: I-T Dept, GoI

Residents ran to air raid shelters and sirens blared as explosions broke out across the city on Tuesday evening

India said on Wednesday a record number of people were killed by the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, pushing its overall death toll over a quarter million, while a leading virologist said it was too early to say if infections had reached a peak.

Had a fruitful discussion with dear brother @mkstalin  ji. I am confident under your able leadership no child will be left behind. I extend my complete support towards making Tamil Nadu, a child friendly state. Congratulations once again!

In an unprecedented show of brotherhood that reaffirms the syncretic soul of Ayodhya, a Muslim cleric who is part of a lone Muslim family in Hindu-dominated Rajanpur village in Ayodhya district won the gram pradhan election with a thumping margin.

Eamonn McCann: After Ballymurphy, Paras believed they’d get away with anything… and they were right

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Trump slams Biden’s ‘weakness,’ lack of support for Israel via @timesofisrael 

United Airlines and Abbott Labs offer international passengers CDC-blessed Covid-19 home testing

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So @michaelgove  what exactly did you mean when you said that David Cameron could call you "any time" if he was "still stuck" after lobbying @RishiSunak  for cash for Greensill?

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On Wednesday, India's overall death toll crossed over a quarter million Experts believe the official numbers grossly underestimate the real scale of the epidemic’s impact, and actual deaths and infections could be five- to ten-times higher.


Scoops of the Week

I swear there’s a whole cottage industry around telling people to not freak out even after a @&# insurrection and the number 3 R is getting ousted this week and there are voter suppression laws passing across America. It is time to be alarmed. It is not always savvy to be chill.

BJP says that Delhi Govt should have floated an international tender to buy vaccines from the international market. Does this mean that all State govts should go to international markets to buy vaccines? Then, what is the role of Government of India?: Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia

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Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. #SheikhJarrah 

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That pin-striped snake Jacob Rees-Mogg explaining how requiring voter ID at polling stations will prevent a problem that hasn't yet arisen made me choke on my lunch. It's a blatant attempt to stop poor people voting, and nothing else.

Republicans to Liz Cheney (with fingers in ears): "La-la-la, can't HEAR you! Can't HEEEAR you!"

My mother, Shyamala Gopalan, came from India to the U.S. to become a scientist. She had two goals in life: to cure breast cancer and to raise my sister, Maya, and me. I am forever grateful to her, and all mothers who love us, raise us, and inspire us. Happy Mother’s Day!

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The largest human rights group in Israel calls its regime an “apartheid system.”

Union Health Ministry revises national policy for admission of COVID patients to COVID facilities; requirement of a positive test for COVID-19 virus is not mandatory for admission to a COVID health facility

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Requiring photo ID to vote when 1 in 4 don't have it will stop people from voting. But that's the point. Because this isn’t about stopping voter fraud - it’s about disenfranchising the young, the poor, and people of colour. People less likely to vote Tory.