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After many decades of toasted cheese sandwiches, I have just made my first “grilled cheese” on the pan in the American style. An unqualified success. I will return.


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I think this remark best sums up the cultural distinction. "Even though her room has a microwave". This makes as much sense to the average Irish person as would "Even though her room has a hair dryer."

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Donegal at Level 3: ‘It’s very disheartening, an awful kick in the teeth’

More than 50 patients contracted Covid-19 while hospitalised in two months

Judgement due on examinership for south Dublin care facility

The incident happened shortly after 5pm in the northbound lanes of the M18 in Co Clare between the Newmarket on Fergus and Dromoland interchanges

An Post confirms restart of full postal service to US, Australia, New Zealand

In tandem with the commitment to ban smoky coal, the Government also intends to publish a clean air strategy by the end of 2020

Legislation to impose strict carbon-emission limits to be in place by Christmas

A woman who brought rush-hour traffic to a standstill this afternoon by stopping her car in the middle of a busy motorway before allegedly starting to dance while singing republican songs has been arrested


Scoops of the Week

‘Cycling is not just for Dublin’: New transport campaign for rural Ireland is launched

Dr Ronan Glynn says it's unsurprising people aged 15-34 account for 40% of cases the past two months "as they are more likely to be moving about in the community, going to school, higher education or work, and keeping our economy and key services going”

Let Covid-19 spread through under-60 population, Swedish expert to tell Dáil committee

Donald Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses election

The owners of the Shelbourne Hotel are to reinstall four statues which were removed in the mistaken belief that two of them were representations of slave women

Aer Lingus staff say they are living in ‘near poverty’ and unable to cover rent

Coronavirus: Almost half of Irish people believe the worst ‘is ahead of us’

People leaving Catholic church because they are tired of ‘little old men’ - McAleese

‘I cannot stress how important it is for you to join a union’