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#Loki 's production designer has a secret: The Citadel at the End of Time contains more hints about He Who Remains—and the show's future—than most viewers realize.

Mark Worthington has designed everything from Ugly Betty to The Umbrella Academy—all culminating, he says, in the MCU epic.

What is toxic productivity? “The unhealthy desire to be productive at all times, at all costs…. The need to go the ‘extra mile’ even when it's not expected of you”.

More of us are looking for other forms of intimacy...

Summer 1990 ✅ 30,000 Stone Roses fans ✅ What could go wrong? 🤔

Welcome to Depression Meals: Gone Wild, the 100,000 person strong community where it’s okay if you just ate Cheesestrings today.

Tig Notaro’s new stand-up special, Drawn, takes a live stand-up set and builds it into a fully animated world, giving each of her stories its own distinct animation style.

forcing people to return to work in person after the pandemic could soon be ‘illegal’ thanks to new plans being considered by the British government.

Dua Lipa tweeted that World Values Network were “shamelessly using her name to advance their ugly campaign”.


Scoops of the Day

Fatigued by all things digital, Gen Z transitioned to the tactile during lockdown, including crochet, DIY, quilting and sewing.

Photos that prove there was nowhere like New York in the 80s! Hazel Hankin discusses her never-before-seen street photography. Read more:

The watchability of the Tokyo Olympics will rely on the uncanny viral content only a pandemic bubble can create.

Offering our platform to next-gen creatives and activists, artist Jazz Grant shares about how she created the STELLASHINE campaign’s collages, layering themes of protest and joy. Shop#adidasbyStellaMcCartney  FW21: STELLASHINE #adidas  #StellaMcCartney 

I guess you could say this one’s a real hole in one! Wait, no, hang on.

Our Lee Radziwill Petite Double Bag is beautifully crafted in a cotton gingham bonded to Italian leather, with signature lock-and-key hardware. #ToryBurchPreFall21  #ToryBurchBags  #ToryBurch  #telephone  📞

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Stephen Tayo and Raffaele Carriou reflect on life in Lagos and London, and shoot the Club C Maison Margiela sneaker at home.

Travel bags from #GucciOuverture  come embellished with archival House codes. #AlessandroMichele 

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Sean Penn is demanding that the entire cast and crew on his new show gets vaccinated, or he'll leave the project entirely.


Scoops of the Week

What other skeletons from Kavanaugh’s closet did the Trump White House bury?

@hunters  explores the playful sophistication of #PradaGalleria , as captured by #XavierDolan . Discover more:

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#ItagakiRihito and #Cocoannne  at an experiential installation that showcased the #GucciAria  collection in Kyoto. #AlessandroMichele  #GucciInKyoto 

@PhilFoden  on @MarcusRashford : "His work with the kids, his work in politics, all his work off the pitch is unbelievable, really. I think we’re all looking up to him now, safe in the knowledge that we can also help the world in the same way.” Read more:

Happy Birthday, @selenagomez ! 🎂 The Street Issue, no.326, 2013 Photography Scott Trindle Styling Elgar Johnson

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@TeamUSA  athletes wear our #OpeningCeremony  Uniform, proudly made in America#Tokyo2020  marks the seventh consecutive Games Polo Ralph Lauren has dressed athletes Join us in celebrating the #TokyoOlympics : #RLxTeamUSA  #Olympics 

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"It was really surreal," Timothée Chalamet said of filming #DuneMovie . "There are these Goliath landscapes, which you may imagine existing on planets in our universe, but not on Earth." Revisit V.F.'s first look at the sci-fi epic:

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Discover all the Antigona styles on and in-store.

How I Taught My Children to Follow in My Footsteps and Become Entrepreneurs