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Demi is giving peak-2000s punk nostalgia and we can’t get enough 🔁

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As the 'atmospheric river' bore down on the top of the South Island, weather stations recorded a huge amount of rainfall, with one seeing a month's worth on one day alone.

Nelson resident Lorraine Neumann was working in the knee-high mud of a large slip on her property on Saturday to try and save a rose planted in memory of her late daughter.

@Zedd  and @MarenMorris  are meeting us in the middle and giving us yet another banger 🔥 #MakeYouSay  with @beauzmusic  is here

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“It’s clear that there has been an extremely complex demographic history in Africa—more complex than probably any other region of the world. But all the ancient DNA studies are done in Asia, and Europe and then Africa just gets left out of it.”

Water shortages aren't a future problem, they're already here.

What makes a typical American city? Fascinating new insights with our pal @Stephen_Kent89  on #TheFinal5  at 11:30 on #FOX5DC .

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congrats to everybody who made it through the week without bandwagon tweeting that boring unfunny meme with the 'splaining girl

Live at 10:45 -- we're chatting with @EricLMitchell  on the upcoming NFL season, the Commanders off-season, and that massive #BigTen  TV deal that brings games to FOX and two other networks. #FOX5DC 

We've compiled our favorite PS5 accessories, which include a few luxury picks for those of you looking to really turn your living room into a cathedral for your new PS5.


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Why Adyen is adding point-of-sale hardware in a digital age by AmerBanker 2022-08-19 13:41:40

Anyone wanting to help residents hit hard by floods across the Nelson Tasman region can donate to the mayoral relief fund to avoid the "logistical nightmare" of donating food or goods.

Separation confirmed! Dragon will perform three departure burns to move away from the @space_station 

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Original "Apple Computer A" prototype from 1976 sold in auction for $677,196.

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As more heavy rain is forecast for the embattled Nelson-Tasman region, hundreds of people have already been evacuated and some may not be able to return home.

Sudden crypto drop sends bitcoin to three-week low - Reuters by @ReutersTech  2022-08-19 12:07:00

Google/TCH Launch & #8211 ; Banks Hire New Network CEO by @Noyesclt  2022-08-19 13:12:59

The fastest supercomputer takes around 300 million years to decode RSA encryption while a quantum computer can do it in around 8 hours. Jack Hidary says we’re a few years away from having them on our desks. Hear from him at our flagship event EmTech MIT.

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Just Eat Takeaway sells stake in Brazil’s iFood for up to €1.8bn


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Counting down the minutes ‘til new BLACKPINK 🕰🖤💗

This architect's drawings are like MRIs of the most amazing infrastructure on Earth (from 2016)

Learn more about PaLM-SayCan and how language models can help make robots more useful ↓

When a woman can pull an Adam Neumann, I will know we have truly reached gender parity

The proper question is back in focus: Why did Trump take classified nuclear documents and stash them at Mar-a-Lago in the first place? There may be three reasons — and two of them are dangerous and damaging. So let’s get some answers:

Facebook is losing its grip as a 'Top 10' app as BeReal and TikTok grow by @sarahintampa 

Calm has returned to Kisumu after yesterday's disappointment and heartbreak. Our latest on CNN on William Ruto's controversial win, and what next for Raila Odinga

The Inflation Reduction Act, which President Biden will sign later today, includes nearly $400 billion in spending on climate and clean energy. Here’s where that money will go.

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