Noname / Black-

The rapper Noname leads one of many Black- and women-led book clubs people are turning to in the midst of a pandemic and a continuing global conversation about anti-Black racism.

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Noname / Black-

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Things are getting serious in Belarus. Protests against Lukashenko’s apparent rigging of the election across the country. Riot police using tear gas and stun grenades. A police wagon just drove into a crowd of protesters in Minsk. video from indispensable @tutby 

Video from #Minsk  where protests erupted following the release of exit poll data showing the country's incumbent leader Lukashenko winning the presidential election on Sunday

Sen. Schumer: "It's not a stalemate in Congress -- It's that our Republican friends refuse to meet in the middle."

Wild video of ongoing clashes in Belarus between protesters and riot police.


Sen. Schumer: "I am urging the president and my Republican colleagues in the Senate to sit down and meet with us."

Trump said Joe Biden will ‘hurt God’ if elected

Protesters in Beirut called for a revolution as they stormed several government buildings in anger over the deadly blast that devastated much of the city.

"He doesn't really understand much beyond his talking points," political scientist Christina Greer says about President Trump's recent news conferences. "He fundamentally doesn't understand the difference between a bill, an executive order or memo."

ProPublica found at least 15 large companies that received over half a billion dollars in PPP loans using the same technique: Getting multiple loans sent to smaller entities they own.